Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vitamin Case

It may be genetic, but at some point a few years ago, suddenly I got hooked on vitamins.  I take a total of about 7 pills a day (including an anti-baby pill).  I have doubts about whether they really help me or not, but whatever. 

I have this awesome little pill case for the week I use, similar to what some elderly people use. 

I had a sad moment today when I dumped out my Wed pills into my hand to take down to breakfast at the hotel (we're in Lecce now, staying at a b&b (or c&c in Italiano), called I Tre Piani).  I looked at the vitamin case and realized there aren't many pills remaining.  And when it's empty, I'll be home and our spring vacation extravaganza will be over...

Sigh.  I love life on vacation. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Italian Jokes

I am in a food coma right now.  Easter was an insane meal.  I am about to go lay down for a little nap, then I may go for a walk.

Friday night we went to an amazing Good Friday procession through town.  It was like a little parade.  First a cross, then a full marching band, then a whole bunch of priests, then people carrying a statue of Jesus laying down, then the Virgin Mary, then about 1000 people.  The Stations of the Cross service is always one of my favorites, and we had a decent view (sitting on very cold, marble steps).

Saturday was a big tennis match.  I lost badly.  Oh, my arms are sore even now.  I blistered on my thumb and at the base of my palm.  Soooo much fun though.  I love to play even if I am really out of practice.

I forgot to mention that on Friday I went to the hair salon where they did my hair 2 years ago for our wedding and I got tons of it lopped off.  It's (found the apostrophe key!) just above my shoulders now.

Anyway, the days are really running together.  So much eating.  I was saying that I feel like visiting a vomitorium.  Ugh.  I actually spent the entire morning today at Easter mass feeling ill. 

Last night we went to dinner with our best friends who live here at their house.  It's chaotic.  2 little boys, the older one is okay, but the younger one is a tsunami, as they call him.  A complete TERROR.  I know kids in America can be very badly behaved, but wow, kids here are really really bad too. 

Aside from the chaos of the kids, we had a great night with our friends and as always, the time passed too quickly.

Did I mention that my husband's aunt is sick?  It means there is an endless parade of people through the house visiting her and saying hello to us.  Many of them are very old and we can't understand 90% of what they say.  But these Belgian cousins are awesome.  She speaks very slowly to us and in perfect Italian.  He sometimes pulls our leg with jokes but is also pretty easy to understand.  Though seriously, not a lick of English in this family.  They know some very basic phrases, but I am amazed to hear how many years some of them took English in school considering how little they seem to remember.  It has been fun talking to the guy from Belgium though because he gets it when I say something in French! 

So my hubby is a pretty funny guy.  He makes me laugh a lot.  I thought I'd share what I have decided are the two funniest things he's said (that I remember) on this trip.

First, by way of background, sometimes to make a word into its opposite, in Italian you put the letter S before it.  So fortunatamente is fortunately, but sfortunatamente is unfortunately.  We were perplexed by a word we saw on a menu:  spuma.  My silly husband decided that it meant "not a puma."  Hahahaha.  It means foam apparently.  But that little Italian joke made me laugh.

The second joke happened the other night.  Our weather here has been perfect, but it's cool at night.  We were standing together, thinking about getting ready for bed on Good Friday (after don't forget, the second time in 2 days we'd been to church in Nicastro).  I told my husband (in Italian, we've mostly transitioned the language) to hug me and I kind of scrunched in my arms against his chest and he put his arms around the outside of my shoulders and arms.  I said "giu" (pronounced jew), which means down.  I wanted him arms more around my waist and not squishing in my arms.  He said, in English, I'm not a Jew, I'm a Catholic.  Hahaha.  Silly guy. 

We are really having a great time.  We walked to church this morning and then came home and just ate the most insane meal ever.  I took photos of it all and will have to post, but right now, I can barely keep my eyes open... 

Friday, April 22, 2011

La Vita è Bella!

So it is mid-afternoon in bella Calabria, Italia and life is good!  Very hard to type since this keyboard (husbandàs cousinàs sonàs) doesnàt seem to have an apostrophe!

Legs are finally feeling okay and I went for my first post-Boston run today.  It was also my first trail run maybe ever.  It was in a park here in Lamezia, but one Iàd never seen before.  Lots of woods and trails, so wonderful.  But wow, I have been sore for the last few days.

Weàve officially started our list of ways in which life is better for us in America.  We have to make a list like this every time we visit, otherwise weàd never go back.  Weàre seriously ready to move here.  Hopefully weàll be able to make that happen in about 10 years or so.

Ways life in Italy is not better:

No running water at night.  Iàve heard itàs not like this in the rest of Calabria, but maybe the other towns are older or newer or richer, but here, thereàs no water overnight.  Ugh!  No flushing the toilet or brushing your teeth when you get home late.

Pits in the olives, even when added to pizza.  I know thatàs natural, but wow, I love pitted olives.

Seeds in the grapes.  Again, more natural, but more of a pain.

No dialect in the US.  The older half of my husbandàs family speaks only dialect and it is soooo tough for us to understand.  In fact, we donàt.  We just say si, or we wait for someone closer to our age to explain.

Quiet.  Hubbyàs family is in a town called Nicastro, and I have no idea if itàs like this everywhere, but there seems to be about a dozen dogs (or maybe fewer but very active) that are barking like crazy at night and first thing in the morning.  Hubby said if that happened in the town where he works, there would be about a dozen calls to the police within half an hour. 

Big beds.  At the hotel where we spent our first night in Italy, and pretty much every other hotel and home weàve slept in here, we get a double bed, and itàs like two twin beds pushed together.  With some kind of connector, and a single sheet.  But it still sucks for whoever has to sleep on the crack.

Showers.  Real showers.  I prefer a mounted showerhead, and I prefer being around people who shower daily for the most part.  No one in my husbandàs family seems to not shower often enough, but sometimes out on the street, youàll be able to smell someone.  So bizarre.  Happens far more frequently than in the US.

So thatàs my list for now.  All things Iàd gladly forgive for the opportunity to stay here forever.

Yesterday was lots of eating and church.  Maundy Thursday meant we went to mass at 6ç30 at night for a service that had younger boys dressed a little like monks in brown and they had their feet washed.  Then we actually went out for dinner (not something we do often here), and after that (before gelato) we went to another church for the procession or vigil between churches.

This morning a new-to-me cousin took us to the park for our run.  He and his wife (actual cousin, he is a cousin-in-law) live in Belgium but are also here for Easter.  Iàd never met them before, this is the first time our visits have overlapped.  Anyway, theyàre both awesome.  Heàs having some allergy issues, but took us to the park anyway and he just walked around and took some photos.  Including of us running.  Then as we were driving back, we stopped at Circolo Tennis Lamezia, and he asked if I played.  My husband HATES to play tennis, so I basically never play, but this guy loves it, though he claims he also hasnàt played recently.  Anyway, I think he secured rackets for us and an appointment to play tomorrow morning, which will be so much fun!

His wife, Giovanna, made lunch today since my husbandàs aunt is sick.  Iàll have to look up what she has, but it sounds like some kind of herpes of the colon or liver or something (tough to say b-c my medical Italian is particularly poor, but also no one seems to have a straight answer).  A rash on her belly and back and she feels awful. 

So now, after everyone is done resting up, weàll head to the hair salon owned by one of my husbandàs cousins, and Iàm going to get my hair cut!

Then tonight I bet itàs more church...  Hubby thinks theyàre trying to save us.

Tomorrow night we are going to have dinner with our best friends who live here, and I heard that she is pregnant with number 3!

So thatàs it for now.  I think I have eaten pizza five times total (1 Pittsburgh, 2 Boston, 1 Pizzo, 1 Lamezia).  Gelato at least 3 times.  2 cannolis (both in Boston, one Mikeàs, one from Modern).  Lots of wine and a few beers.  Iàm telling myself itàs helping my legs heal...

Okay, also going to try to post a few photos if I can!

A baby to see in Pittsburgh:

The rest of the Boston pics will come later, but this was the sign meeting us at the airport:

The day after the race, the state house in Boston:

Our walking path in Boston:

Second pizza in Boston:

Cannoli from Mikeàs Pastry in Boston:

Cannolis (one for me, one for hubby) from Modern Pastry in Boston):

My airplane dinner in coach:

My vegetarian airplane breakfast, yes, a rice cake:

A Hello Kitty car in Pizzo!:

Pizza in Pizzo:

Piazza in Pizzo:

Aperitivi in Pizzo:

Ravioli in Pizzo for dinner on first night:

View of the beach in Pizzo, from the castle where we got engaged and then married!

That is it for now!  A la prossima volta!

Monday, April 18, 2011

PR at Boston!

Not enough time to post, ready to head out for our second wedding anniversary dinner, but I managed a PR by just a few minutes, which is awesome.

The course was amazing.  Far and away the best race experience I've ever had.  And when they say no one PRs at Boston, I now know exactly what they mean.  A VERY tough course. 

I had a strong pace through 16, and I knew then I'd slow from 16-21 for the hills, but I'm usually a killer downhill runner.  Not so much today!  My quads were shredded!  It was painful.

I think the best part was running through Wellsley around the halfway point.  All the girls screaming with signs to tell you why you should kiss them instead of someone else.  Kiss me I'm from Texas.  Kiss me even if you're a girl.  Kiss me I'm a vegetarian.  Kiss me I'm studying engineering.  Etc.  Hilarious!  Tons of guys going for kisses too! 

But such an awesome experience.  I love it and I'll hopefully repeat this one.  I ran fast enough to requalify, but I'd still actually like to get my time down another 30 seconds or so, so I'd have a better margin. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

T-2, almost time for Beantown!

Excitement is high. Nerves are through the roof. I ran just over 4 miles today and it felt slow, which is scary. I'm chugging water like crazy. My stomach seems to be in knots. Hanging out with the in-laws mostly. Tired. Not much to say. Going to the expo tomorrow.
I'm just kind of ready to be done with it. I want to just magically PR. I know it will be tough, and I just want it to be over. I want it to be Monday afternoon, desperately seeking tasty calories to replenish the deficit. Hopefully smiling and limping only a little. Shifting the focus to consumption and Italy.

I want to kick butt. But in my heart, I'm wondering how it could possibly happen. I just can't fathom pushing hard for a couple hundred minutes. It's so contrary to my lovely relaxed vacation mindset that is settling in. When I say prayers I usually try not to ask for help with my own life, but I'm seriously thinking about asking for the strength to succeed.

I'll try to post a race report before we go to Italy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

T-6 days, by the numbers

As my mental pre-marathon process continues to unfold, I look back at my training, which is a standard thing for me.  I love the numbers and I've logged my miles since I started training for my first marathon so many years ago.

So let's look at my weekly mileage since Boston training started this year on Jan. 2: 

0-29.9 = 1 week (soon to be 2 weeks)
30.0 – 34.9 = 1 week
35.0 – 39.9 = 3 weeks

40.0 – 44.9 = 5 weeks
45.0 – 49.9 = 1 week
50.0 – 54.9 = 2 weeks
55.0+ = 1 week
Or broken down differently, that’s 1 (soon 2) weeks in the 20s, 4 weeks in the 30s, 6 weeks in the 40s, and 3 weeks in the 50s!

That’s 9 weeks over 40 miles, out of what will be 15 weeks of training (counting this week). When I trained for Twin Cities (Fall 2010), I only had 7 weeks over 40, and that was out of 19 weeks of training. If I look back at training for St. George in 2009, I had 8 weeks over 40, but that includes the race week (it’s a Saturday marathon). Training for Marine Corps in 2008, only 3 weeks over 40 (and one of those was a week with 2 long runs, so not a legit count). Back in 2007, when I trained for Chicago, again, only 3 weeks over 40.

Crazy how much my training (and correspondingly, my finish times, I hope for Boston too) has changed over the years.

The rational part of me wonders how I can be doubting whether I’ll do well in Boston – those numbers don’t lie, right? I’ve gotta get my game face on. I’ve gotta go for a PR and if I bust, I bust. Go big, or go home, right? I didn’t train for Boston to do a cake walk, I trained to challenge myself, and if I fail, I fail, and it’s not the end of the world, I’ll be going to Italy the next day either way. With 9 weeks over 40 miles, I should be able to do this. The physical part of the training is done, and I’m going to work hard on the mental part over the next few days. That means more movies, more reading, more visualizing, more positive thinking. I might try to do the post-it notes on my computer monitor and bathroom mirror, as I did for Twin Cities.

But bottom line is that I'm still having doubts.  Wondering if I can really sustain my goal marathon pace.  Wondering if I can keep my mind focused on the goal at hand and not give up when it gets tough.
We'll know in about 6 days and 8 hours or so!

Monday, April 11, 2011

T-7 Days!

Holy cow, the countdown is on.  My stomach is not doing well.  I'm sure it's just nerves, but I'm thinking about cutting out my one daily double espresso -- it seems to make my stomach even more unsettled.  Plus, one week from today, I'll be running Boston, two weeks from today I'll be celebrating la Pasquetta in Italia!  There will be plenty of espresso there... An added reason to cut the espresso is b/c I don't really know how to make it (hubby makes it in the morning) and he'll be out of town beginning on Wed. afternoon (he's starting our vacation earlier than I am). 

Yesterday was okay for the run.  It was only 12 miles with 6 at race pace.  I was hitting the right paces, but mentally struggling.  Feeling slow and sluggish. 

But then I had a great rest of the day.  Went to a friend's house for lunch with another long-time running friend who was back in town for the weekend.  I got to play with my godson and his sister a lot, which was fun.  My godson's language skills have been a bit delayed (he's 2.5 yrs old now), but it's amazing how much progress he's made in just the last few months.  Suddenly he's talking a lot and I understand a lot of it.  Before he was in the "point and cry" camp most of the time. 

After lunch, I came home and packed.  I've gotten everything into my suitcase except a few critical things -- namely, everything I need for the marathon, and running clothes for in Europe, and what I'm going to leave in Pittsburgh (since we'll start and end our trip there, I'm going to leave a couple days' worth of clean clothes so I can wear clean stuff home).  And then I still have to pack all non-clothing stuff, make-up, vitamins, glasses, camera, converters, gu, watches, jewelry, etc.  But that should be pretty easy and may happen on Tues night, just so it's all done.

I need to make some marathon day decisions.  What am I going to wear?  Ideally, my Texas flag shorts and a blue short sleeve shirt.  But, ideally, it will be too cold to wear that.  Then what? 

The forecast as of this morning is predicting for next Monday a high of 54, a low of 39, and 30% rain.  So that makes me think maybe shorts and long sleeves?  It's so weird to be running a marathon that doesn't start around 8 a.m.  Since I'm in wave 2, my start time will be after 10:20, which means I'll probably be running during warmer parts of the day.  So I should ignore that 39 number, and plan for maybe mid-40s?  45 to me is wear I'm better off in shorts.  But 50-55 is wear I switch to short sleeves.  So maybe shorts and long sleeves.  I am actually considering wearing my Texas shorts and my newest White Rock marathon long-sleeved shirt.  I'm also going to have to pack some throw-away clothes. 

So much to think about.  It's exciting, and I wish my tummy would realize that instead of continuing to maintain that it's scary. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Heat

Ugh, summer's coming fast this year.  Just a short post to document the fact that on April 8, 2011, we went to boot camp at 5:30 a.m. and it was over 70 degrees. 

Sweat was pouring off me.  I'm not acclimated yet.  My knees were slipping on my map they were so wet and sweaty.  While I'm not a fan of winter by any stretch of the imagination, and I don't really complain about training in anything under 80 as long as it's not sunny, this is a bit much. 

Too hot, too soon.  It is going to be a loooong summer if this continues.

4 on the schedule tomorrow, which will put me just over 40 miles for the week, which strangely enough is now a light week for me... 

Longer post soon!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Maybe my memory is faulty, but in the past, 11 days before a marathon, aren't the words I'd usually use to describe myself, my legs and/or my running, things like, strong, confident, fast, and most important of all, steady eddy?  And if so, why aren't those words coming to mind now?

We had 7 on the schedule again this morning, 2 easy, 3 race pace, 2 easy.  Race pace felt better than it did Tues, but it still didn't feel sustainable for 26 miles. 

Instead of strong, confident, fast and steady, I feel achy, slow, nervous and unsteady.  Let's hope for a tidal shift over the next 11 days (hopefully sooner rather than later). 

BTW, the shopping last night was disappointing -- I didn't buy anything.  They didn't have the 2 jackets I wanted, they didn't have the shorts, and the sleeveless shirt was a racerback, which isn't great since I think I own about zero racerback bras.  I'll probably buy it anyway, but I wasn't enthused last night. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boot Camp Winding Down

I think Friday might be my last day of boot camp for a month or so.  I've realized that I feel sore on a vast majority of days lately, and even if my mileage goes down as I taper, I'm not going to feel strong and fresh unless I give boot camp a rest too.  So I'll go Friday and MAYBE Monday, and then that will probably be it.  Or if I keep going on Wed., I'll make sure to skip anything with legs and hopefully just get in some abs and arms and cardio.  I hate skipping, but I know it's for the best.

There was a fair amount of running this morning, so I don't have much to do tonight.  Tonight's social run is the Boston send-off party.  Which basically means shopping.

About a year ago, maybe more, this blog I used to read (Half of Jess, but she's doing the whole 1L thing right now, which doesn't mesh well with blogging), did this awesome thing she called a life bracket.  She set it up with a bunch of goals and a bunch of rewards for meeting those goals.  I loved that idea and thought it might inspire me to get some things done.  What I especially liked was that her goals weren't all on the same theme -- she had things like running a mile in X minutes, but also things like show her mom how to get email or something like that.  Anyway, I never made my entire chart, but one of the goals was definitely to qualify for Boston and the reward I remember quite clearly:  an entire Boston tech wardrobe.  I wanted to look like Boston threw up on me. 

I remember this woman who used to come to camp regularly (aside, her husband also ran too and they were standing together on a curb after the big local half marathon here several years ago and got hit by a car that jumped the curb, of course unlicensed and uninsured, he was in a medically induced coma for a long time and very seriously hurt, but after a year he could eventually walk again and even runs now but isn't where he was before, what strength, but what suckage too, life is so unfair sometimes).  Anyway, I remember she was wearing Boston shorts at camp one day and I asked her where she'd qualified.  She said something like, oh, well, for this year I requalified at Boston last year, do you mean the first time? 

As I write it, that sounds like it could be kind of snobby or condescending, but it absolutely wasn't.  But my overwhelming impression of that conversation was that I wanted to be wearing Boston shorts one day.  But now part of me feels like it's all part of a big marketing scam.  It's like they just want to sell you stuff.

The problem is, I want to buy!
So I'm trying to decide what and am hoping they'll have the full selection available for purchase tonight.  It would be nice since that way I don't have to worry about limited selection or limited sizes at the expo on Sunday, and I don't have to worry about shipping it back home or lugging it around Italy. 

Here's what I'm thinking:

The jacket.  Everyone says you have to get the jacket.  Unfortunately, I'm not wild about this year's jacket.  The colors for the race are black and green.  Blah, but okay.  But the big issue is that this year's jacket isn't embroidered.  Apparently there was some ordering issue between Adidas and the supplier, bottom line is they got screen-printed jackets.  So instead of charging $5 more than last year's embroidered jackets, they're just charging last year's price for screen-printed jackets.  Can anyone say scam?  It sucks.  But it's the only option if you want to get the jacket, and I do.

The wind jacket.  Maybe.  But it's actually something I really need for my running wardrobe, Boston or not.  I have a wind shirt and sometimes I have to wear it dirty b/c I use it so often sometimes that there's no chance to do laundry.  A jacket would be even better b/c I could unzip easily as needed.  Unfortunately the jacket is green with black accents, and the main color in my running wardrobe is probably red, but I'll deal.  I want to look at the jacket and see if it is everything I want from a wind jacket.  If so, I'll probably get it.

The singlet.  I wear singlets pretty much 6 months of the year here in Texas, so it makes the most sense that I'd buy this.

The shorts.  Maybe.  They're green, which is bleh, but at the same time, I need good green shorts.  My fave race of the year here is the St. Pat's 5k and I have 2 pairs of green running shorts, but I hate them both.  One is an ugly sea-green kind of color that's not right for the race and doesn't match jack (except an ugly sea green singlet I have but never wear).  The other pair is the perfect color of green but unfortunately it's a weird material when you sweat -- it shows.  So basically after a 5k, it'll look like I wet myself or something.  Not a good luck.  Wasn't an issue this year b/c I was pushing the stroller and the whole 5k took something like 30 minutes and 10 seconds, so I wasn't real sweaty, but it would be good to have a solid pair of green shorts in the wardrobe.  To match the singlet and for St. Pat's.

So that's how I plan to spend a few hundred dollars tonight!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Mental Struggle

All the stuff in my head right now is crazy.  We had 7 on the schedule this morning, 2 easy, 3 race pace, 2 easy.  When we started race pace, it felt kind of tough.  I checked the pace, and I was going slightly too fast -- faster than MY race pace.  Eventually I slowed down a bit and ran more at a more appropriate pace.  In reality, at the end of the 3 miles, I was about 15 seconds back from the group right in front of me.  Knowing their marathon goals, I probably should have been more like 30 seconds back. 

But in my head the whole time, instead of recognizing that everyone has different goals and I don't have to be as fast as everyone else, I kept thinking it was okay to fall back.  I was telling myself it was okay b/c I'm just not as worried about my finish time at Boston as some other people are.  Which may be true.  But on the other hand, it's like I'm setting myself up to fail.  Bracing myself for a lackluster finish time.  Trying to manage my expectations, and to a much lesser extent, my husband's.  Why? 

I'm not too worried about his expectations.  I think he realizes I wanted to get to Boston and even if I end up an hour off a PR, I think he'll be happy if I finish feeling okay and am ready to go to Italy the next day.  I just remember in 2009 when I was running St. George and I struggled during warm weather.  I had just barely eeked (eked?) out a PR.  About 2 minutes.  He said something after the race about how glad he was that I'd PRed b/c if we'd traveled all that way for a non-PR, why did we bother.  That has really stuck with me apparently.  But I'm not too worried he'll feel that way about Boston since it is more of an experience than other races.  But in truth, esp since this marathon is how we're spending our wedding anniversary, I don't him to be disappointed in me. 

But it's my own expectations that most concern me.  Am I setting myself up for failure?  Trying to give myself an easy out?  Why am I afraid of going for it?  What's the worst that happens?  I crash and burn?  I've done that before, and it's not the end of the world. 

Part of me thinks I need to go with my ambitious "A" goal and not let up.  At least I tried.  And I made it to Boston, which was my goal.  Go big, or go home?  But I can't help it.  I don't want to fail.  I don't want to disappoint myself.

I feel like maybe I've been through this thought process before?  I should go back to my pre-MTCM blog posts and see.  In reality, esp. now that I met my goal of getting to the race, I have a lifetime to try to improve, or not. 

Wow, so much going on in my head... ugh.  I need to just run and stop thinking about it all! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Weeks to Boston!

No running to report today (scheduled rest, went to boot camp and did it half-@ssed), but I couldn't resist starting my countdown.

Feeling partially ready, partially not.  I wish I had a crystal ball that would show the weather forecast.

I'm in Wave 2, so it would be great if I could get an exact forecast from 10:20 to 2:30, just to be safe.  Boston has a wave start, but only 3 waves (probably more technically b/c I think there's a wheelchair wave, an elite women wave, and an elite men wave, then the waves of the masses -- 1, 2 and 3). 

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Ugly run this morning.  We had 15 with 8 of them at race pace, but the temp was in the 60s and probably close to 100% humidity.

If that's the hand I'm dealt on race day, I'm not even going to attempt a PR.  I'm just not strong or fast enough to PR in these conditions. 

So I'm going to hope for good weather! 

But either way, the run is over.  I'm officially tapering.  I'm going to try to dial it back a little at work and hopefully start getting some extra sleep.  I might go for ice cream today (build-your-own ice cream sandwich, where you pick the cookie flavors and ice cream flavor).  But after that, I'm going to hopefully keep my eats pretty clean.

I bought some new clothes yesterday for the trip -- a pair of yoga type pants that will be good for plane rides, a cotton skirt, and 3 tops -- a sweater, a short sleeve and a sleeveless.  I'm going to start packing today, at least laying out things I want to take. 

Hubby made a little chart of the average high and low temps for each city on the day we arrive, as well as the record highs and lows for that day.  It was interesting to see that in Italy (he looked up Lamezia Terme, where his family is, and Lecce, where we're going to visit our neighbors), the record high is something like 10 degrees higher than the average, and the low is about 10 lower.  But in the US, including in Boston, the records is about 40 higher than the average, and the low is about 30 lower than the average.  Why is the weather so much more extreme here?  With my marathon luck, maybe I'll end up with one of those rotten days. 

Anyway, one of my other fun taper projects is watching a bunch of inspirational running movies.  I just watched that Nova one called Marathon Challenge.  And I just finished Without Limits, a Steve Prefontaine movie.  I knew the story but still sad.  He died a few months before I was born. 

Going through a lot of mental struggles today.  Thinking about the conditions this morning, during my run, I kept telling myself I don't care what my Boston finish time will be.  I've tried to keep my expectations low, and to keep my husband's there too.  He says he just wants me to finish feeling good enough to get on a plane to Italy the next day.  But obviously I've been trying to train hard and I reallly want a PR, no matter how tough the Boston course is.  And when I watch a movie like Without Limits, I think that I need to push myself hard and not let myself take the easy way out.

I think the weather will largely dictate my race.  If it's good, I need to go for it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rocking Along

Sorry there's not much to report lately.  Legs are feeling great.  Have some kind of cold/sinus infection again, twice this year, for the record, but hubby and I went to urgent care Tues night and got some antibiotics.  I took Wed as a rest day, and I've felt substantially better all week.  Hubby did not rest on Wed and he feels awful.  Took yesterday and today off.  It seems like lately he's so susceptible to getting sick.  I think he's working too much.  And that he should sleep more.  We go to bed together almost every night and both fall asleep very fast, but he wakes up at least 30 minutes earlier than I do.  This vacation is going to be great on so many fronts, but I think we really need it.

I'm loving work but it is crazy to feel like I could go forever.  I start working the second I get in and don't stop until long after it was time to go home, but I'm enjoying it so much.

Honestly, if I weren't married and/or in training, I think I'd work non-stop at this job!  As it is, the AC calls me in the evening to see when I'll be done, and I say I just need to finish up one thing and I'll be done in a few.  Then he calls again half an hour later, and I say the same thing.  Then it's been an hour and I really know I need to leave, but I just want to work more.

I love it! 

Running is going well I suppose.  Hammering out the miles.  This morning we were supposed to do 4-5 optional easy miles, and instead I opted for 2 hard and 2 easy, but I figure that's okay since I rested on Wed. instead of getting in the 7 or 8 that were scheduled that day. 

We're starting to taper I guess, which is odd b/c I don't feel ready.  I mean, I'm very confident in my mileage, I'm not confident in my speed work.  I guess the difference for me is that some of our speedwork this season has been on the roads.  I'm used to speed work at the track.  When I'm at the track, I know it's time to push.  We've only been to the track a couple times though.  But I know all those things I've told other runners and have been told many times -- trust my training.  Too late to change anything now. 

I think we've got a quiet weekend ahead of us.  That will be great.  I'd like to get some extra rest and get the house in order a bit.  I've also got a list of about a million projects, including starting to figure out packing for the trip!