This is a work in progress, but I want to make a list of my favorite places that I've been, and a list of the places I most want to go.  Basically, assuming it's safe, there’s not anywhere I don’t want to go.  I love to experience new places, even if they're not places I'd want to return.  I think my husband and I only work so that we can travel. We joke that our "flat screen tv" is a picture of us standing on a bridge in Mostar (in Bosnia and Herzegovina). And that our "boat" was our trip to Russia.  Our "second home" is many visits to Italy.  I’d much rather travel than have stuff like that! 

My favorites so far have probably been (attempting to put in order, but not sure):

1. Southern Italy (not so touristy, great food and people)
2. Chiang Mai, Thailand (spectacularly beautiful)
3. St. Petersburg (luxurious palaces and beautiful architecture) (posted a few pics and description here)
4. the Masai Mara area in Kenya (loved scenery, animals and people)
5. Bali (beautiful and interesting)
6. Greece — Santorini the most probably, but have loved it all
7. Hong Kong (I think of it as Hawaii meets NYC)
8. Istanbul (very east meets west, much like Bosnia, where we enjoyed the same dichotomy)
9. Chongqing, China (smoggy, growing China with wonderful people and awesome food)
10.  Rio (though I’ve never been during Carnevale, and I’d love to; quite interesting, though also sad in ways)

I’ve also really loved central and northern Italy, Krakow, Paris, Shanghai and several other places, but I don’t want my list to get too long.

My remaining list of places I want to go, roughly in order:

1. Israel (but it’s never seemed safe to go) and Jordan if possible
2. Egypt (pyramids! Nile!)
3. India (done in 2014!)
4. South Africa (done in 2018!)
5. Fiji/Tahiti (maybe 2020?)
6. Dubai (done in 2014!)
7. Nepal (done in 2014!)
8. Morocco (done in 2015!)
9. Argentina (done in 2016!)
10. Australia and New Zealand

I'm of course open to other recommendations as well!  I want to see as much as I can now, while we're still relatively (emphasis on relatively) young, healthy, and able to get around.  Then maybe I can save some less strenuous destinations to explore when I'm older. 

Our current dream is to move overseas, either retired, partially retired (husband, with me working remotely or working), or working.  Our list for that, in order, but with no research into logistics:

1.  Botswana
2.  Zambia
3.  Nepal
4.  Philippines
5.  Southern Italy