Thursday, August 30, 2018

Moving chafing

I feel like the first half of this summer, all my chafing issues were at my waistline or above.  Primarily right around all the edges of all my sports bras, and especially in the middle of my back near the clasp on any of them. 

It didn't seem to matter what I did to try to prevent it, I ended up with a lot of hot spots afterward. 

And since then, my weight has not changed, and I don't think my weight distribution has changed either.  But now, all my chafing issues are below my waistline.  Yow.  Particularly on my right inner thigh. 

Two long runs in a row, it has rubbed a huge spot totally raw -- bigger than a quarter, and to the point where it looks like it's about to draw blood. 

To quote Nancy Kerrigan... whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

I'm planning a really long run this weekend (and I'll try an entire stick of Glide again basically), but then, thankfully, my distance will drop.  It's supposed to be a high (for me) mileage week this week, and so far, at least on my group runs, it has been.  We had 10 on Tuesday and 11 this morning.  In theory, I should be running more during the rest of the week, but I'm just not.  I don't care enough, and I'm perfectly happy to just do boot camp or bike on the other days (although I usually get in a mile or so on boot camp days).  But given my plan for 22 on Saturday, that's going to put me at 45 or so miles for the week.  With only three real runs! 

That counts as high mileage for me this year (well, and some other years, but not recently). 

Oh well, just posting to complain about my chubby right thigh.  It's odd, because it doesn't look any bigger than the left one -- but the left one hasn't chafed at all this season. 

Why do we do this again? 

Oh yeah, cheesecake in the office today...  Yum!  Considering that, a huge chafing spot on my leg is 100% worth it. 

Friday, August 24, 2018

Summer expectations

The good news about being on the road so much right now is that I've missed a lot of stuff like this: