Tuesday, August 23, 2016


My life has just kind of been ticking along.  I've been working a ton, but I'm not really complaining.  I love my job and my husband has been pretty busy too.  He actually was not working at all this past weekend but he was more than happy to sit next to me on the couch while I worked remotely since he could watch all kinds of Olympic wrestling rounds. 

It was funny, when the Olympics were over, he commented that he was so glad he only likes watching this every four years because watching sports otherwise would just take up too much time.

We both did our fair share of shouting at the television in the last week.  I loved watching the marathon, and I was just so happy to see Meb finish.  A lot of what he said in his interview after the race made me get all teary.

And wow, Usain Bolt!

So my three big thoughts re: Bolt:
A.  Why not try to shatter the records and do one more Olympics?  Even if he just competed in 1 event and it was a relay, the chance to break Nurmi's record would be so cool!
B.  How many miles per week does he run in his current training, and what is his training like?
C.  What would happen if you gave him a year to train for and run a marathon?

On my own running front, things have been pleasantly unremarkable!  We actually had an amazing 10 day stretch of weather, and I was in town for all of it.  Our overnight lows got into the low 70s, which is unheard of for us!  It was still sticky, but the cooler temps made me feel great.  I had several runs where I was pleased with a majority of mile splits. 

I had last taken a full rest day on July 16, and I took another one on August 13, just because.  I ended up doing 3 easy this past Saturday (my usual rest day), because the weather was so nice and I knew it would put my weekly mileage into a rare (for me) mileage bracket -- that 55-60 mile week.  I've gone over 60 miles once in the last 15 weeks, but it was a double long-run fluke due to scheduling (long run on Sunday to start the week, and Saturday to end the week, but no long run the following week at all, since I had moved Sunday to Saturday).

But aside from my upper 50s week, I've been holding pretty steadily between 45 and 50, which is a good spot for me.  But there's a good chance it's coming to a screeching halt. 

I got the bad kind of "come home" phone call this morning, so I am flying home tonight to see my grandpa.  They're keeping him comfortable, but it sounds like he's reached the end of his road.  I'm glad I'll be able to be there for my dad, it's breaking my heart to hear how upset he's been when he's given me the last few updates.  I bought a one way ticket, but I'm hoping to only be home for a few days. 

Next week's break in training will be much better -- heading to San Fran on Wednesday and staying until Tuesday!  We're going to Tahoe of a couple days in between, and it will be great quality time with my little nephew Willard, who turned 1 in March -- and even more exciting for me, I'll get to see my sister-in-law pregnant!  I was bummed that I didn't make it a priority to be in the same state as her at any point while she was pregnant with Willard, but their next is due in January, so this time I'll get to see her with a belly.  Can't wait!  And they're actually finding out the sex right when we get to San Fran, so that will be exciting. 

September will actually be a low work travel month for me, which will be nice.  One trip to Colorado, one to Phoenix, one to Philly.  And then I'll just have one Colorado and one Philly in October, and then one big trip to South America -- not for work! 

So even with the family sadness, I'm getting by and doing all right.  Think this is the longest I've ever gone without blogging since I started it.  Oops!