Friday, April 1, 2011

Rocking Along

Sorry there's not much to report lately.  Legs are feeling great.  Have some kind of cold/sinus infection again, twice this year, for the record, but hubby and I went to urgent care Tues night and got some antibiotics.  I took Wed as a rest day, and I've felt substantially better all week.  Hubby did not rest on Wed and he feels awful.  Took yesterday and today off.  It seems like lately he's so susceptible to getting sick.  I think he's working too much.  And that he should sleep more.  We go to bed together almost every night and both fall asleep very fast, but he wakes up at least 30 minutes earlier than I do.  This vacation is going to be great on so many fronts, but I think we really need it.

I'm loving work but it is crazy to feel like I could go forever.  I start working the second I get in and don't stop until long after it was time to go home, but I'm enjoying it so much.

Honestly, if I weren't married and/or in training, I think I'd work non-stop at this job!  As it is, the AC calls me in the evening to see when I'll be done, and I say I just need to finish up one thing and I'll be done in a few.  Then he calls again half an hour later, and I say the same thing.  Then it's been an hour and I really know I need to leave, but I just want to work more.

I love it! 

Running is going well I suppose.  Hammering out the miles.  This morning we were supposed to do 4-5 optional easy miles, and instead I opted for 2 hard and 2 easy, but I figure that's okay since I rested on Wed. instead of getting in the 7 or 8 that were scheduled that day. 

We're starting to taper I guess, which is odd b/c I don't feel ready.  I mean, I'm very confident in my mileage, I'm not confident in my speed work.  I guess the difference for me is that some of our speedwork this season has been on the roads.  I'm used to speed work at the track.  When I'm at the track, I know it's time to push.  We've only been to the track a couple times though.  But I know all those things I've told other runners and have been told many times -- trust my training.  Too late to change anything now. 

I think we've got a quiet weekend ahead of us.  That will be great.  I'd like to get some extra rest and get the house in order a bit.  I've also got a list of about a million projects, including starting to figure out packing for the trip! 

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