Thursday, April 7, 2011


Maybe my memory is faulty, but in the past, 11 days before a marathon, aren't the words I'd usually use to describe myself, my legs and/or my running, things like, strong, confident, fast, and most important of all, steady eddy?  And if so, why aren't those words coming to mind now?

We had 7 on the schedule again this morning, 2 easy, 3 race pace, 2 easy.  Race pace felt better than it did Tues, but it still didn't feel sustainable for 26 miles. 

Instead of strong, confident, fast and steady, I feel achy, slow, nervous and unsteady.  Let's hope for a tidal shift over the next 11 days (hopefully sooner rather than later). 

BTW, the shopping last night was disappointing -- I didn't buy anything.  They didn't have the 2 jackets I wanted, they didn't have the shorts, and the sleeveless shirt was a racerback, which isn't great since I think I own about zero racerback bras.  I'll probably buy it anyway, but I wasn't enthused last night. 

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