Thursday, March 15, 2018


About 5 years ago (maybe more, yikes, time flies), the company I work for was acquired by a pretty big company.  We merged into one of their subs.  In one of our first meetings after the acquisition, the guy who is the head of our division said something like, "titles are cheap.  If you want to be President, take it, anyone can be anything." And of course, I thought, hey, I'd like that title.  I'm sure he was speaking to the fact that the division we merged into was kind of VP-heavy, and we had a more traditional structure, but that we all need to be team players and get the job done without worrying too much about titles, particularly right after the acquisition. 

Anyway, I've been chugging along at work.  I think I'm good at my job, and I certainly put in the effort and the hours.  Ugh, lately, all the hours -- even overnight when I'm waking up stressed about cases.  Anyway, until about a year ago, one coworker and I each took about 45% of the cases in our program, and one other person took the remaining 10%.  All 3 of us work hard -- I can't speak to any of the other programs in our office, but I think of us in our little sub-group as hard-working and good at our jobs.  All 3 of us had the same title.  The other 45%er and I started at the company within a few months of each other, but then she left for a year or two and came back.  The 10%er is relatively new -- maybe started a year or two ago.

In our performance evaluations, we have to list short and long term goals at the end.  I've always put a title promotion as a short-term goal.  And now, well, not NOW, but in "relatively short order," I need to come up with a new short-term goal!  Because I'm going to be an assistant vice president!  Woot!  In many ways, it's a meaningless change.  My duties and salary will stay the same, at least for now.  But I'm super excited for the title, whenever it goes into effect. 
It might take a little while for the change to officially take effect, so I'm not really telling anyone until then except my boss and the head of our division know, and of course my husband, and of course my best running buddy, and of course the whole anonymous internet world (plus I guess the three people who could  potentially see this blog and know me in the real world).  But until it's official, my husband's super secret nickname for me is Assistant Vice President Elect. 

I've got to start pondering new short term goals to put in my next evaluation -- world domination?