Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boot Camp Winding Down

I think Friday might be my last day of boot camp for a month or so.  I've realized that I feel sore on a vast majority of days lately, and even if my mileage goes down as I taper, I'm not going to feel strong and fresh unless I give boot camp a rest too.  So I'll go Friday and MAYBE Monday, and then that will probably be it.  Or if I keep going on Wed., I'll make sure to skip anything with legs and hopefully just get in some abs and arms and cardio.  I hate skipping, but I know it's for the best.

There was a fair amount of running this morning, so I don't have much to do tonight.  Tonight's social run is the Boston send-off party.  Which basically means shopping.

About a year ago, maybe more, this blog I used to read (Half of Jess, but she's doing the whole 1L thing right now, which doesn't mesh well with blogging), did this awesome thing she called a life bracket.  She set it up with a bunch of goals and a bunch of rewards for meeting those goals.  I loved that idea and thought it might inspire me to get some things done.  What I especially liked was that her goals weren't all on the same theme -- she had things like running a mile in X minutes, but also things like show her mom how to get email or something like that.  Anyway, I never made my entire chart, but one of the goals was definitely to qualify for Boston and the reward I remember quite clearly:  an entire Boston tech wardrobe.  I wanted to look like Boston threw up on me. 

I remember this woman who used to come to camp regularly (aside, her husband also ran too and they were standing together on a curb after the big local half marathon here several years ago and got hit by a car that jumped the curb, of course unlicensed and uninsured, he was in a medically induced coma for a long time and very seriously hurt, but after a year he could eventually walk again and even runs now but isn't where he was before, what strength, but what suckage too, life is so unfair sometimes).  Anyway, I remember she was wearing Boston shorts at camp one day and I asked her where she'd qualified.  She said something like, oh, well, for this year I requalified at Boston last year, do you mean the first time? 

As I write it, that sounds like it could be kind of snobby or condescending, but it absolutely wasn't.  But my overwhelming impression of that conversation was that I wanted to be wearing Boston shorts one day.  But now part of me feels like it's all part of a big marketing scam.  It's like they just want to sell you stuff.

The problem is, I want to buy!
So I'm trying to decide what and am hoping they'll have the full selection available for purchase tonight.  It would be nice since that way I don't have to worry about limited selection or limited sizes at the expo on Sunday, and I don't have to worry about shipping it back home or lugging it around Italy. 

Here's what I'm thinking:

The jacket.  Everyone says you have to get the jacket.  Unfortunately, I'm not wild about this year's jacket.  The colors for the race are black and green.  Blah, but okay.  But the big issue is that this year's jacket isn't embroidered.  Apparently there was some ordering issue between Adidas and the supplier, bottom line is they got screen-printed jackets.  So instead of charging $5 more than last year's embroidered jackets, they're just charging last year's price for screen-printed jackets.  Can anyone say scam?  It sucks.  But it's the only option if you want to get the jacket, and I do.

The wind jacket.  Maybe.  But it's actually something I really need for my running wardrobe, Boston or not.  I have a wind shirt and sometimes I have to wear it dirty b/c I use it so often sometimes that there's no chance to do laundry.  A jacket would be even better b/c I could unzip easily as needed.  Unfortunately the jacket is green with black accents, and the main color in my running wardrobe is probably red, but I'll deal.  I want to look at the jacket and see if it is everything I want from a wind jacket.  If so, I'll probably get it.

The singlet.  I wear singlets pretty much 6 months of the year here in Texas, so it makes the most sense that I'd buy this.

The shorts.  Maybe.  They're green, which is bleh, but at the same time, I need good green shorts.  My fave race of the year here is the St. Pat's 5k and I have 2 pairs of green running shorts, but I hate them both.  One is an ugly sea-green kind of color that's not right for the race and doesn't match jack (except an ugly sea green singlet I have but never wear).  The other pair is the perfect color of green but unfortunately it's a weird material when you sweat -- it shows.  So basically after a 5k, it'll look like I wet myself or something.  Not a good luck.  Wasn't an issue this year b/c I was pushing the stroller and the whole 5k took something like 30 minutes and 10 seconds, so I wasn't real sweaty, but it would be good to have a solid pair of green shorts in the wardrobe.  To match the singlet and for St. Pat's.

So that's how I plan to spend a few hundred dollars tonight!

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