Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vitamin Case

It may be genetic, but at some point a few years ago, suddenly I got hooked on vitamins.  I take a total of about 7 pills a day (including an anti-baby pill).  I have doubts about whether they really help me or not, but whatever. 

I have this awesome little pill case for the week I use, similar to what some elderly people use. 

I had a sad moment today when I dumped out my Wed pills into my hand to take down to breakfast at the hotel (we're in Lecce now, staying at a b&b (or c&c in Italiano), called I Tre Piani).  I looked at the vitamin case and realized there aren't many pills remaining.  And when it's empty, I'll be home and our spring vacation extravaganza will be over...

Sigh.  I love life on vacation. 

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