Friday, January 13, 2012

The Hair Knows...

I wonder if I'm the only one with this experience.

I have a hairdresser that I adore.  I think this is common.  I had a friend who used to live here in Dallas who had a hairdresser she'd gotten attached to in DC.  Fortunately, she used to go back to DC a few times a year, and would always get her hair cut while she was there.

Mine happens to be in Italy.  For several years now, whenever we're in Italy, I get my haircut (same guy who did my hair for our wedding too). 

The issue is that I delay getting a new cut after I'm back in the US for as long as I can.  I last had my hair cut in April when we were in Italy for Easter.  It's always a great cut, and it always grows out nicely.  I think he knows I need that because whenever I get to Italy, I show up with shaggy hair that should have been cut months earlier, but I'd been holding out until we got to Italy.

Well, right now, I am hopefully between trips to Italy for the longest it will ever be in my life.  We were there in April 2011 and I won't be back there until September 2013.  Because I want to combine our big annual trips with marathons for this year and next year, our annual trip is being moved to the fall.  This fall, China, including the Beijing marathon.  Next fall, Germany and Italy, including the Berlin marathon. 

There is just no way I can wait until October 2013 to get my hair cut again. 

Really, there is no way I should have waited as long as I have to get it cut.

It has been looking like it really needs a cut for several months now.  So I gave in and made an appointment for Saturday.

And sure enough, since I made the appointment on Monday, I've had probably the best hair week I've had in months. 

It's like my hair knows it's about to be cut off and it's saying, "please don't make me go, please don't cut me off, I'll be good, I'll be beautiful and shiny and cooperative, please??" 

Sigh.  And I'm considering giving in. 

Not really, but my appointment is at 1 and I just don't think that will work well in my schedule.  I have a 10k race in the morning at 8:30, so I won't even be back home before 10:30 probably.  That leaves me with only 3 yoga options -- noon, 4, and 6.  I don't want to 6 so I can be home for dinner instead.  4 would work, but who wants to get a haircut and then get it all sweaty and nasty at yoga?  So I'd like to go to yoga at noon, shower, and then get my hair cut afterward, but I don't think there are any appointments left later in the afternoon.

So my locks my be spared for another week.  I swear though, it's like my hair knew what was coming. 

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  1. That's too funny! Maybe this new person will be a decent "fill in" for your Italian master stylist. Hope so. Love and luck to your locks, either way.