Monday, January 30, 2012

FMM: Make-up Favorites

I still have a heavy heart from the sad news this weekend, and it doesn't help that I'm sore for 4.5 hours of hot yoga on Sat and Sun, plus the half-marathon on Saturday.  So I'm just feeling kind of blah.  But it’s time for FMM!   And I was surprised to see that this week’s topic is courtesy of Bella, perhaps the blog I've read the longest. If you haven't already, check out her blog,
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FMM: Makeup Favorites

  1. Do you wear makeup everyday?  If I'm going to work I do.  I tend to skip it on days I'm working from home or weekends, unless we're going out to dinner or something.  But all I usually wear is eyeliner, lipliner and lipstick.  Almost never wear anything else.  I wish I were confident and pretty enough to skip it all every day.  
  2. Does your routine change if you’re going out with friends/on a date/to a party?  If it's something formal or a wedding, I put a bit more time into it and I actually wear mascara and stuff.  But for just going out with friends, I stick with my usual routine -- eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick.  
  3. Are you loyal to one brand, or do you use different brands for different things?  Different brands for different things.  I think it's Revlon eyeliner and lipliner, and then I wear two lipsticks most days -- Mary Kay and Trish McAvoy.  
  4. Do you wear primer/concealer? If so, what’s your favorite kind? No.  
  5. What’s your favorite brand of foundation? Don't really have one.  
  6. Do you use blush and/or bronzer?  If so, what’s your favorite kind?  No, don't usually wear either.  I have Trish blush that I'll wear on the rare occasion I use it -- about 4 times a year maybe...
  7. Do you wear eye shadow/eye liner?  If so, what’s your favorite kind? Revlon eyeliner seems to last the longest of the pencils, and I don't usually take the time to do liquid.  
  8. What’s your favorite kind of mascara?  Lancome, and I wear this maybe more like once a month, but it's still pretty rare.  
  9. Lipstick? Lip gloss? Both? Favorite? Lipstick most days -- as I said, Mary Kay underneath, Trish on top.  And I wear tons of chapstick -- whenever I'm working out and before bed.  
  10. Do you wear nail polish regularly?  If so, share a few of your favorite brands/colors.  No.  I usually get pedicures in the summer, but I get very lazy in the winter.  As for finger nails, I usually only have them done when I'm in a wedding.  
  11. How do you remove your makeup at the end of the day?  Uh-oh.  No, it usually fades off and doesn't seem to be there by the time I leave work, so I just don't bother.  I go through phases where I try to be good about taking it off at night, but I'm usually just exhausted and I'm lucky to get my contacts out.  
  12. Do you feel prettier when you’re wearing makeup?  I suppose, but I probably feel most confident while working out or right afterward, and no make-up then.  I have fairly complicated feelings about make-up, and think it's better to be happy with yourself the way you are, which makes me not want to wear make-up.  But I give in, and wear it all the time.  Peer pressure.  I wish no one wore it.  
  13. Do you have any beauty tips that you could pass along?  No, I'm excited to read other responses to get some tips.  I guess my best tip is lots of water and lots of sweat -- makes your skin better, which always makes make-up look better, and maybe less necessary.  
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  1. I think your tip is such a good one - the water really does help with better skin hydration.

    Primer really does help makeup last a bit longer, if you ever need it to last past your workday.

  2. Saw your comment - I gave up makeup (mostly!) a few months ago. It is freeing!!! Also, my skin is a lot healthier. Now I just wear it for me when I feel like getting gussied up for special occasions. Stopping by from FMM.

  3. I don't wear much makeup either. Usually just mascara, blush and lip tint. I love the way it looks, and I like wearing it when I go to weddings and stuff, but normally I can't be bothered with it. Yay for no makeup! :)