Friday, January 27, 2012

Break in the Yoga Streak

I knew it was coming, but yesterday finally ended my yoga streak.  I had gone every single day, beginning on Saturday, January 7, until Wednesday, January 25. 

And then yesterday, I got up in the morning for a short run with my group, went to work and worked all day, then went out with colleagues to dinner.  And drank and ate way too much.

No yoga.

We went to Del Frisco's for dinner.  Sometimes it's tough being a vegetarian when everyone seems to think steak restaurants are all the rage.  At some of my fave steak places, they have amazing veggie sides. 

Nothing at Del Frisco's wowed me.  The asparagus comes with almonds on it, so I couldn't eat that.  I got a baked potato that was very average.  The mushrooms were fairly blah.  The whipped potatoes were pretty good.  The lobster mac and cheese (without the lobster of course) was probably the best thing, but it was a little runnier than I would have liked. 

But aside from the meal, I was really happy with my appetizer (asparagus tempura), my salad (wedge with blue cheese, no bacon), my dessert (lemon layer cake, still have some left-over for an afternoon treat today), and my drinks (a raspberry martini, followed by an off-menu pineapple martini, followed by a blackberry ginger martini, followed by lots of good red wine).

So after all that food, it ended up being a late night, so I skipped boot camp this morning in favor of sleep, and I've been insanely productive today while working from home, despite taking a couple hours off in the morning to go to grandparents and godparents day at my godson's preschool. 

But I miss yoga.  I feel bloated, swollen, heavy, and tired.  Usually the opposite of how I feel when I'm getting my regular dose of yoga. 

This is the last week of yoga though for a while, so I should get used to it I guess.  Either way, looking forward to this afternoon's class! 

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