Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions ... Still Pondering

Another year lies ahead and I need to have some plans, goals and resolutions to hopefully make it a productive, happy, healthy and successful year. 

I've pondered about a billion options.  Some of my ideas:


Medical power of attorney and living wills and wills for both of us?

Try eating at a dozen new-to-me Dallas restaurants? We don’t eat out tons any more, and I tend to default to old favorites, but I should branch out more.

Running all of the best races (aka my faves) in Dallas?

Some kind of professional development resolution could work. Arguing before a court of appeals (even less likely in my current job than it was in my prior jobs), being the point person on a new project or different level, whatever.

Financial ones are always good. Paying off debt, increasing savings, increasing yield, reducing costs, diversifying, making more of an effort to make moral investments (choosing companies I believe in) whatever.

Reading more fiction? I read tons of non-fiction but am thinking about making an effort to read some good fiction next year.

Cutting out or down caffeine?

Eating vegan X days per week? I'm thinking of starting with 1.

Spending X hours per week or month doing charity work? More time spend helping those in need. Charity time, not just money.

Learning or practicing a previously learned foreign language?

Working out with heavier weights?

PR goals are always good too. Marathon PR in 2012 is unlikely, but I may work on 4m, 5m, 10k, 15k.

Working out with heavier weights?

Taking the stairs whenever available?

Weekly phone calls specifically to nieces/nephew?

Weekly phone calls to faraway friends?

Incorporate more glitter into my life. Literally. Glitter. That stuff was so awesome when I was little, why don't I play with it every day now? Or at least every week.

Something on the spiritual side? Prayer, bible, going to church, whatever. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga recently, but maybe something more substantive.

Thorough evaluation of our insurance needs? Life, disability, but also renters/homeowners with property inventory, valuation and all.

Decluttering and organizing is always good, would have to quantify this somehow.

Try a new sport or a new organized team sport?

Meeting more neighbors?

Something for the environment or greater good like starting some kind of recycling program at home or work?

Committing to mentoring, even just email mentoring (there's a program for that here) someone in high school, college, or even law school (less mentoring, more talking about what you do, diff options, etc.)?

Donating blood?

Hmm, what about something relating to email in-box contents? Like having it down to 1 screen at one point during the month? Mine sometimes is out of control w/ messages that need attention and it's nice to get it to a manageable level on a regular basis.

That's just proof that I'm taking this seriously.  Hence no list of resolutions quite yet.  Soon. 


  1. Oooh. You have some great ideas here. I am also trying to finalize my resolutions.

  2. You list is awesome! I love the part about the glitter! We do need more glitter in our lives.

    The rest of them would be fun to read about as you attempt (and accomplish) each one.

    Happy 2012!

    BTW - Thanks for being such a great supporter. You were my #1 commenter in 2011. I really appreciate you taking the time to write.

  3. Well I've already read your post with your final goals but I love this list too. There's some really great stuff on here and it's giving me some ideas. I hope you'll get to some of these (preferably the 'fun' ones!) even though they're not on your formal goals list.