Thursday, January 5, 2012

102 Steps...

Well, yesterday was my first day on my resolution to take the stairs at work.  And today it really sunk in, to the point where I was counting steps. 

102 steps.  That not really so bad.  I didn't count the place where I go down one curb step and then up one curb step.

I think this might be easier next month, but I'll keep at it.  Next month hopefully I won't have to lug quite as much stuff with me every morning.

Usually I have my lunch and my purse, which are heavy enough.  I need to switch purses soon.  I'm carrying one right now that I got as a gift from my folks.  It's by a company called Big Buddha and it looks like leather but is made out of veggie-friendly materials. 

I tried to find a pic online, but no luck after a minute of searching.  Anyway, I like it a lot, but it is so big that it's really hard to find anything inside of it.  I may switch back to my standby Vera Bradley purse that I love.  I'm not at all a "purse" person.  I mean, I always carry one, but I'm not very fashion-conscious or trendy.  I usually like Coach purses, but my favorite is a little too small and a little too springy to carry right now.  But my Vera Bradley was a gift from my bro and sister-in-law a couple years ago and it's just the right size and it's brown and simple. 

Anyway, right now I'm also carrying my yoga change-of-clothes bag.  Back when I first started my month of yoga in November, I posted a packing list, and I've got it down to a science now.  Little things like remembering a comb to go with the elastic to pull back my hair are a given.  And I leave the bag with my towel in the car, so I only bring the clothes change bag into work (and then I can put my jewelry in it and keep it secure in my trunk). 

But that's still a lot of stuff to carry up 102 flights, especially adding the bulk of a winter coat. 

But so far so good on that resolution!  And I've been integrating 4 Chinese words/phrases into my daily vocabulary -- how are you, where, what, why.  And today I'm going to add "how many". 

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  1. I love big buddha! But yeah, dude, ALL their purses are ENORMOUS. But,it's kinda hard to find cute, non-leather purses. Hmph.