Saturday, July 15, 2017


So I was hoping to magically transfer my husband's cold to me so that he would be better for the weekend.  That plan didn't work.

Instead of taking some of the sinusitis symptoms (or whatever it is) off my husband so he could enjoy his weekend away, I just got the symptoms myself and he still has it.  So we're both down for the count.  He's toughing it out and trying to enjoy Lamb Jam.  I'm laying low.  Did some volunteer work with a friend this afternoon, and hoping to be able to hammer out a slow 20 miler tomorrow morning.  We shall see...  I feel awful.  My throat hurts to swallow, so I'm barely drinking any water.  That's not going to mix well with 80 degrees and 90% humidity! 

In other news, my search for a car dealership that does NOT steal all the coins out of my car continues.  I took my new car in for service the first time on Friday, picked it up on Saturday.  I did an exact count of the coins in the armrest when I dropped it off -- 4 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel.  It was the first thing I checked when I picked it up.  1 quarter, 2 dimes, 1 nickel. 

People are such $hitheads.  I'm beyond irritated.  I even told my customer service advisor that the reason I drove all the way to the dealership in Plano was because the Dallas one had stolen change from my car.  I didn't tell them it happened again because it just wasn't worth it (and of course, my customer service rep was off today). 

Seriously, who does that???? 


  1. Aw crap - sorry you are both feeling lousy! We had the 'whole house cold' right after the boys came back for the summer ... joy.

    I have never really needed to worry about having change in my car, so never paid attention. But I know this is something you have mentioned before. And honestly, I would write a little email - just noting it to the manager/owner of the dealership. We had a Mazda minivan years ago (our first kid-mobile) and the service department was a disaster, leaving the car much dirtier, one time I felt like there was gas gone, and so on. I took to making notes about stuff, and eventually they totally screwed up the car while doing recall service and it was never the same so we traded it in ... ugh.

    But seriously ... it is obvious that they took the quarters but not all of them, hoping you wouldn't notice. Had you taken a picture, you could have shown them. It is really sad to think about someone losing their job over $0.75 ... but it is also sad to think of someone putting their job at risk by stealing $0.75.

    1. Oooh, photographic evidence! I like that idea. I do hate the idea of someone losing their job over it, but man, this kind of stuff is not acceptable. I almost took my service advisor to show him exactly how much was there, and I even told him it's why I came to that dealership -- but I guess that message didn't make it all the way down the line to the dozen or so people who were probably in and out of my car.

  2. I tried commenting to your last couple of posts, but had trouble from my phone. I have had the phrase Lamb Jam in my head for days except I visualize it as Lamb Jamb. I hope you both feel better soon.

    I honestly cannot believe your change gets stolen at the car dealership. That is crazy. It's sad because you really cannot trust anyone anymore.