Monday, July 31, 2017

Getting ready

Getting ready for the marathon.  As I said (but am now proving by photo), I bought my shoes for race day and enough gu to train for some time.

This season has gone quickly, but mostly because it's been quick.  I've followed a more abbreviated training plan than usual, and I'm not expecting any great results.  A PR is out of the question (going for one would just be stupid and would result in a very painful 20 miles after that first 10k).  But I'm going to be happy with a solid run where I feel relatively strong for relatively long.  I don't have a right to expect anything more with a 15 week training season (that's 15 weeks total until the race, counting taper weeks), my current weight, and my current paces.  I might even be asking too much to hope for a solid run, but it will hopefully be possible if I pace smartly and the weather is on my side. 

It's in Washington state, so hopefully we'll get at least a 20 degree temperature break from my usual running weather to race day highs.  Since I run at the coolest part of the morning (usually about 5:00 or 6:00), it's usually only in the low 80s when I run, although I got a run in the low 70s once each of the last two weeks in Philly, which was a treat.  Just to offset that, I got in one evening run last week in the low 100s, which was the opposite of a treat.  But hopefully race day high will be in the low 60s, although I haven't actually looked at the weather.  Low 60s would feel amazing. 

The best part about this race I think will be that I'm driving after the race to Bend, Oregon, to stay with my brother and his family for a little while.  I'll be there for the eclipse, which will be special.  I'm going to have to work most days (I am taking a half-day of vacation though, for the day my husband arrives), but working in Bend near one of my sweetest nephews (Willard!  Age 2.4 when I'm there) and one of my sweetest nieces (Ava!  Age 0.7 when I'm there) beats working in Dallas!  And my folks will be coming out as well, and we'll have a fun weekend together celebrating my birthday and my niece's baptism.  I think my brother's in-laws are all coming too, so I think it will be a big crowd, which will be so fun.

We come back from Oregon on August 29 very early in the morning, then I've got a few weeks with a fair amount of work travel (more Philly, more Pensacola, and a trip I'm excited about to Denver), and then we'll split for our real vacation on September 29!  Woot, woot! 

Just keep swimming!  I've only got one really, really long run to do now, then one sweet weekend taper run.  I can totally manage that! 

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  1. I'm so excited that you're going to Bend! I love Bend! so pretty, so much to do. and I love that you get to see little Willard and his sister <3