Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I have no idea how I got distracted or what happened this morning, but I think I failed to thoroughly rinse the conditioner out of my hair.  It felt kind of goopy when I was combing it, and I probably should have just re-rinsed it then, but I forged ahead.  It doesn't look terrible I don't think, but it definitely seemed kind of heavy/yucky as I was drying it.


Maybe it's just indicative of the fact that I don't seem to know which end is up lately.  I'm finally recovering from whatever sinus infection or upper respiratory thing that I assume I got from my husband, and I'm actually in town all week this week, so I am kind of catching my breath, but it's just feeling like a beat down lately.  I'm quite content and things are going well in general (although I got my @ss kicked last week in Philly in court; to say we busted at the settlement conference is an understatement, they walked out after my opening offer, which they deemed "unreasonable").  Running is ticking along.  I bought my marathon shoes and tested them out for 8 miles this morning.  I only have a few more long runs -- a 16 with 4 at pace this weekend, and then I think a 22 the following weekend.  My husband is getting over the same cold thing.  He actually went back to the doctor over the weekend and got a steroid shot, which was the push he needed to turn the corner.  But between work and social stuff, plus running, it just feels like there's way too much go-go-go for me lately.  The end result of which is apparently unrinsed hair.  Oh well, no complaints.  We're local for the next couple weekends, which will be good (ignore the fact that I packed the calendar for this weekend...). 

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  1. You seem to do great with a go-go-go schedule. I need tons of downtime...I complain if I have like one thing to do on the weekend!