Monday, July 17, 2017

Lamb Jam Log-jam

FYI, there were protestors at Lamb Jam in San Fran!  Lots of them according to my husband.

I asked my husband if he thought it to be at all ironic or amusing that if I were more of an activist type, this is the kind of event that I'd be more than happy to protest as a vegetarian and lover particularly of cute animals.  He ignored my question. 


  1. That IS funny - and is reflective of the reality that we are all individuals with both our personal agendas and level of activism :)

    On the upside, I couldn't find anything online about the protests, so at least it seems like it was low key stuff.

    Hope he felt better and got to enjoy himself ... I had read from a FB friend about the Seattle one and it seemed like a great time for attendees!

  2. Interesting....We certainly have our protests but in 9 years I can't say I've seen too many meat protests, serious or ironic. And there are plenty of meat-centric opportunities for it!

  3. I didn't come into vegetarianism through activism. I've never been very political. I do what I do and I respect that others are going to make different choices. No judgment here! It would have been a little funny to see you on one side of the event with a sign protesting and your husband eating the lamb on the other side.