Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Fatigue

I feel like my schedule right now is a complete beating.  I've been wearing a Jawbone Up since about Labor Day, and I have my "sleep" goal set at 7.5 hours per night. 

With my yoga challenge schedule that basically means every weekday is a 4:40 or 5:00 wake-up, then a workout, then a full day at work, then straight to yoga from 6:30 until 8:00, then home, dinner and to bed as quickly as possible, I'm feeling oppressively tired. 

Most nights, I'm getting about 45 minutes less sleep than usual (by usual, I mean non-yoga challenge months). 

It's catching up with me.  My eyes and face just look tired.  I feel like I would love a nap at any given moment (usually at work, it's all a-mile-a-minute, and I never stop to feel tired).  More espresso in the morning is not helping.  It's totally unprofessional, but I'm not washing my hair every day and I'm just sporting a ponytail at work sometimes.  But 15 minutes of hair washing-drying-styling is 15 more minutes at my desk or in my bed...

At least the end is in sight.  The last day of the challenge will be April 30.  May 1 is going to be a yoga-free day, with my after work hours filled with an alumni happy hour instead.  May 2 will be another yoga-free day, with my after work hours filled with a happy hour for a running buddy who moved away and will be back in town for a wedding.  And then I have a law school happy hour the following Tuesday.  Hmm... maybe my plan of deferring all events until after my yoga challenge is over means that I'm going to be sleep-deprived even after the challenge ends...

What am I doing to myself??  Haha, all good, and all my own choices, I know.  But my goal may be to get the social back-up cleared within a couple weeks and then have very limited social plans starting on about May 12. 

Then it will be sleep, glorious sleep for a week, then I think fall marathon training will begin.  Unfortunately, training for what is to-be-determined.  My rough idea was Milwaukee, but it filled up without me! 


  1. I honestly wish there were a few more hours in the day. I am feeling a bit ragged myself. I'm in the midst of my heaviest training weeks for the Vermont City Marathon. My son is on school vacation. I'm working the same, but sleeping less because my husband gets home later now. Sleep for me is now officially a nap on the nights I work back to back shifts. I would actually give anything to get to a yoga class. I'm saving my class card for the taper.

    Good luck with the rest of your challenge. I think it's amazing and would really love the opportunity to do yoga everyday.

    1. I don't think I'd be alive if marathon training were in the mix right now. You're a machine!