Thursday, April 10, 2014


This is maybe only the second or third time I've shared a large amount of text from another source, but it is so worth it.

I came across this from Hungry Runner Girl's blog, and here's the original link she shares:

Google translate for runners.  My absolute favorite was the hamstrings one.  Followed closely by the Thursday one.

Here are my favorites (well, it's pretty much all of them, but I narrowed it down to the best 60% or so for your benefit):

“My training hasn’t been great.”
Translation: “Training has been my life for the past eighteen weeks.”

“I’m just hoping to finish.”Translation: “I will PR or die.”

“I hit the wall hard. I don’t think I fueled properly.”Translation: “I went out too fast.”

“I don’t know what happened.”Translation: “I went out too fast.”

“I was on pace for the first twenty miles, but then I hit the wall. Training wasn’t great. I’ve been battling an injury. And I just got over being sick. Guess it all caught up to me.”Translation: “I went out too fast.”

“I’m just running this race for fun.”Translation: “My eternal happiness hinges on the outcome of this race.”

“Yeah, I did twenty this morning.”Translation: “Can you believe I just ran twenty freakin’ miles? I’m amazing.”

“I’m starving!”Translation: “I’m hungry because I just ran twenty freakin’ miles. I’m amazing.”

“My hamstrings got a little tight.”Translation: “I’ve lost the ability to bend at the waist.”

“My Achilles has been acting up lately.”Translation: “About ten weeks ago, I blew out my Achilles, but I’m still running on it.”

“I took some time off to let it heal.”Translation: “I didn’t run last Thursday.”

“Yeah, I’ll get it looked at after the race.”Translation: “I will wait for it to go away on its own.”

“Yeah, I should probably see a doctor.”Translation: “I will not see a doctor.”

“I get irritable if I don’t run.”Translation: “If I don’t run, I may or may not become homicidal.”


  1. haha - I saw that one as well, and also a dictionary of terms, always fun stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOL! “Yeah, I did twenty this morning.” “I’m starving!” - The two go hand in hand!

    I finally had a great long run on Friday after this miserable winter. I did run 20 miles and I can relate to both of those statements. At the end I actually texted my friend to tell her I was starving! Honestly, I am not sure if I will ever stop feeling just a little bad ass for running 20 miles especially after working all night.

    I also liked: “Today is a light day, so I’m probably going to run six or eight.”
    Translation: “I’m going to run six miles. But I usually run further. Why couldn’t you have asked me how far I ran yesterday after my long run?”

    And really why don't people know that a marathon is always 26.2 miles? I mentioned this morning at work that the London Marathon was today. A coworker asked how long of a race it was?! Btw how about Wilson Kipsang? He is amazing. It was a great day for the Kenyans. I felt badly for Mo. There was a lot of pressure on him.