Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Usually at work, I eat a mid-morning snack around 10:00.  I almost always have two torillas filled with spinach and blue cheese crumbles.  Sometimes I eat them over the course of an hour or so, sometimes I eat them both at once.

Then usually around 12:30, I'm getting hungry, but I always try to finish "just one more thing" and usually end up getting up around 1:00 or 1:15 to go microwave a frozen meal and eat at my desk -- sometimes while reading blogs, sometimes while continuing to work. 

Today, I was hungry around noon, and then very hungry by 12:45, when, as usual, I tried to finish something up.  I made it to the microwave at 1:10 and was back in my office at about 1:15.  I shut the door behind me, got out my fork, took one bite, and there was a knock on my door.

My boss came in to discuss a low-exposure case that is hot right now because it's pretty much turning into a big and unexpected mess.  I'd been working on it some during the morning, and I'd left a couple messages with attorneys I needed to talk to.

Well, as we're discussing the case, one of the attorneys calls me back, so I take the call with my boss on speaker.  That takes about 20 more minutes.  And then my boss and I have to further discuss how I'm going to proceed.

The entire time, my lunch was sitting right in front of me, getting colder and colder as I got hungrier and hungrier.  At one point during the call with the attorney, I grabbed a piece of tofu sticking up from the bowl and ate it (it was the Amy's Teriyaki bowl), but I felt awkward doing that in front of my boss, so instead I just sat there starving until 2:05 when we were finally done. 

Agonizing I tell you, agonizing. 

My revenge:  blogs while I eat instead of more work. 


  1. It is funny how I can deal with spacing my food intake however I want to and (so long as I haven't just run) can deal with it without issue ... but once I have decided that I am going to eat ... I can't handle delays well! Crazy!

  2. I have a coworker who crunches either ice or a very hard pretzel snack mix all night long. She will do it while talking to people or standing next to someone. She could care less. It drives me crazy!

  3. mmmm…spinach and blue cheese tortillas.