Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Price of Procrastination

This morning it was below freezing when I woke up, and the wind chill was in the 20s.  I'm fully aware that a majority of this country has similar (or worse) conditions for at least a couple months of the year in the early morning hours.  And I'm fully aware that a majority of runners get out there and get it done.

But I'm just feeling like a wimp lately.

I've mentioned that since my race in Berlin, I've lost motivation and gained weight. 

The result of that is that this morning I decided I'd just do today's workout (Yassos) on the treadmill after work.

What was I thinking? 

The dreadmill?  And Yassos? 

Because if I couldn't make my least favorite workout any more miserable, I just did.  Fun stuff.  Something tells me I'll be super-productive at work today, attempting to stay very busy until it's "just too late" to go run on the treadmill. 

Reason # 481 why I hate evening workouts.  Too easy to make excuses. 

Have I mentioned that Houston is not going to be a pretty marathon for me?  It might even be ugly on the scale of San Antonio, though hopefully not with temps at 89...

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