Friday, December 27, 2013

#Reverb13, Day 15: Anchor

Throughout the month of December, I’ll be participating in #reverb13: Reverb is a way to reflect on the past year and project into the next year with a prompt a day for 31 days.

Day 15 – Anchor:
What kept you tethered to 2013?

(I'm out of order here, want to do some photos for day 14...).

This one is bizarre since tethered seems to have a kind of negative connotation and I don't think there was any particularly negative thing that will keep me "tethered" to 2013 as time marches on. 

If the question is more about what kept me grounded, it's the same stuff as it has been the last few years -- my husband, good friends, physically distant but emotionally close family, my job, my running and boot camp schedule. 

My rock for 2013 really was the Berlin Marathon.  A lot of my life revolved around that.  It was a big trip with husband and with friends.  It was the use of almost all my work vacation days.  It was a financial focus.  It was the goal I had in mind when I woke up at 5:00 or earlier 6 days a week for the vast majority of the year leading up to our late September departure for Europe. 

So the Berlin Marathon was my anchor. 

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