Monday, June 21, 2010

Sore Feet for First Post

So I started a blog. Journey toward MTCM this year on 10/3/10. I'm about 3 weeks into training. My scheduled easy 13 for Sunday turned into 15.6, as generally expected. We ran up to Meadow and across the Tollway just barely (about half a mile past water), then returned. Just before the 9 mile water stop, I caught up to Tom, who was running with Rebecca for the first time I'd seen. It was fun to run with them, even though the group picked up the pace more than I wanted. The best news was Tom said they'd woken up late and therefore were going to run a few extra miles afterward on the trail -- I asked if they'd keep me company for part of the run home, and they agreed. So it was worth the struggle to stay with them back to the finish, then get some water and head back out, because I didn't have to run home all alone. They turned around after about half a mile on the trail, leaving me with about .8 alone back to the house. I ran about .5 more, then walked the rest. It had been so nice to have company! I got home and drank my Accellerade. I stepped tenderly the rest of the day, including at ikea...

The bottoms of my feet are VERY sore, a bit more so on the right. Adam suggested it could be tight hamstrings, and I'm now willing to bet he's right. Hammies definitely feel tight, not sure why I didn't connect that to the bottoms of my feet, guess I just didn't know how long those muscles are. I tried some stretching last night, and then opted not to run at all this morning. Instead I did lots of shoulder work... But I also stretched today and I've iced the bottom of my right foot once at work so far and will hopefully do a couple more times.

Tomorrow is 6 on hills, probably two loops of the new "three bears." And Joy is joining again!

P.S.  This is an odd first post.  The blogger who kind of inspired me to start writing, Bella (linked on the side), suggested I just write about whatever suits me.  Some days it's a run recap, some days something else.  Anyway, I added an About Me tab, which is a better indicator of this blog than this first post is. 

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