Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Running Home from Camp

We had a tough camp this morning, including 30/30 hard/easy intervals for about .7, then 6 mins of hard on the trail broken up with an exercise every minute, then a bit more running after the trip on the trail.  I was in a group of 6 and we were insanely lucky when we had to roll the dice for our exercises -- rolled 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 3, leaving us w/o ever getting a 5 or a 6 (50 hindu squats or 60 cherry pickers).  That meant doubles of 10 spider lunges and 30 squat hops, but it could have been way worse.  And they were all honest rolls! 

Anyway, I ran home solo after camp up the trail, felt like I was struggling to stay at my goal pace of 8:30ish, but ended up at 8:18 and 8:23, plus a 4:11 to finish.  Not bad, but I was completely soaked by the time I got home.  For some reason I seem to be a million times sweatier after an hour of camp and a few miles of running, than I am after about 8 miles of running.  So curious! 

Drank a G2 at home and had cereal for breakfast, all standing up b/c I didn't want to sweat on anything.  Normally I could put down a towel and sit at the table, but the table is all set (with both leafs in it) for a dinner party we're having this weekend, and even the bathroom towels are clean and fresh, so I couldn't use them w/o having to do more laundry.  So I ate while standing.  Plan for tomorrow is 7-9 easy (hopefully 8), and then I'll pick up a couple easy miles on Fri after camp to run home with Russell, which will be a first in more than a year.  I think if I hit my plans for the next week or so, I'll finish up June at about 132, which is just over last year's 130.  That will put my YTD deficit at 7 (currently at 9).  But I expect July and Aug to be lower than last year, so I might need to push through in Oct more than last year.  Goal for the year is 1200 I think. 

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