Monday, June 28, 2010

Easy Weekend

I was so relieved to be stepping back this weekend, only 10 miles on Sunday.  The dinner party on Fri night was so much fun that we were pretty much unable to move all day Saturday.  I don't drink very often, probably about 1 glass of wine per week on average, but I drank enough Fri night to last for the year probably -- between 8 of us, we had 1 bottle of vodka, 2 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of prosecco and 1 bottle of limoncello.  So Saturday was spent primarily on the couch.  I felt a lot better at 5 a.m. on Sunday, but I don't think more than about 12 miles would have been very pretty...  We ran an easy 10 to the trail, all the way down to the bottom, and then part of our camp route in reverse.  I didn't keep track of the total time, but it was probably 8:50-9 running average, probably more like 10s with stops.  I spent most of Sunday relaxing some more and had one glass of sangria last night at book club, and it was delicious but it was still too soon for me!  But fortunately all the (lemon pound) cake I ate at and after the dinner party didn't put me in cake overload, so I was able to eat a big piece at book club -- it was strawberry and incredibly delicious! 

I ran about 1.7 easy this morning at camp, a loop with Museum Way, and then in the parking lot.  Ran with Joy for the loop, which was nice.  Tomorrow is 6-8 easy, Thurs is more easy with strides, and then we have to run on Sat b/c Sunday is the 4th.  I'm not sure what to do about Saturday's run.  My original plan was to get dropped off, run the 14 with the group, and then add 1.5-2 miles solo at the end to run home.  But then I realized that there are some good local races that day, particularly a 10k at 8:00.  I really, really, really would like a 10k PR.  I think I'd just need to average about 7:45s and I'd have it.  The questions in my mind are could I do 7:45s right now?  Could I do it on top of a 14 miler?  Would there even be time logistically?  I guess I'll wait until I see the route for Saturday.  The problem is, the group 14 would start at 5:30, so even if we averaged 10 mins/mile including all the water stops, we'd be done around the start time for the race.  Maybe I'll just have to skip the racing this year.  Or maybe I can see if Katie wants to do the race and run a couple miles easy beforehand, and then a few easy afterward.  That would be ideal, but I don't know what her plans are.  I could also check with Joy, which might be perfect too.  I'd already asked about her plans for the 4th and they didn't really have any.  She might be willing to race the 10k and then run a couple easy, and I could do a couple solo before the race.  The more I think about it, the more I think one of those plans would be best.  Maybe if they're both interested in running that morning, I could do some easy miles with one first, then the race, then easy miles with the other afterward!  But that's all contingent on the race being worth it, if I can't bust out the 7:45s, there's really no point, instead I should just do the easy miles.  But this will be a great 10k course if it's not too hot.  And why would it be too hot in Dallas in July?! 

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