Friday, June 25, 2010

Easy, peasy

Maybe the recipe to feel good again was to back off a bit.  We ran about 1.2 at camp (about 900, followed by a bunch of 200s), and then I ran up the trail toward home with Russell.  He stayed with me for just over 2 miles -- passed negative energy to the bridge.  I think the pace might have been a little faster than he wanted, but he didn't complain and it felt great for me -- 10:30s basically.  So nice! 

The soles of my feet are killing me.  I've been spending so much time standing in the kitchen getting ready for this dinner party tonight.  And then I couldn't sit during breakfast today because again, too sweaty.  I should get one of those padded/gel mats like Anna has.  Anyway, we're basically ready for tonight.  The to-do list for today is things like buying alcohol and flowers, stuffing the mushrooms, cleaning up a bit, and then heating things up and/or setting them out.  I'm planning to leave work a little early because I have a vision for tonight.  It's 6:30, I'm wearing a dress and perfume, sitting on the couch sipping my seabreeze and the doorbell rings.  Everything is done, the kitchen is clean, the dishwasher is empty.  Instead of the typical, I'm wearing what I had on at work, I'm drinking but I'm frantically putting things in the oven or taking them out, nothing is set out yet for appetizers (even though it's all prepared and just has to go into the bowls), and people come inside and ask what they can do to help.  I'm convinced that if I'm just chilling, there would be no need to even offer. 

Anyway, I'm icing my feet now.  Stretched my hamstrings before bed last night and that seems to have helped.  No foot pain while running at all.  Sore ankles from camp though.

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