Thursday, July 15, 2010

Step One -- Appointment Made

I have an appointment with an ortho on Monday morning.  I iced yesterday and once today, and it actually seemed less painful this morning, but it's hard to tell.  Still felt sore after the run.

I thought I might have gotten injured this morning.  Very early into our run, there was an oncoming car and we all moved to the side of the street, almost single file.  As soon as the car passed, we moved back onto the more level part of the street.  I wasn't really looking down, but it might not have helped anyway since my eyes hadn't really readjusted after seeing the headlights, but I rolled my left ankle out.  It hurt a lot but I decided to keep going and see if it still hurt in a minute.  It did, but I pressed a little longer, and there was no pain by 2 minutes and it's now been about 5 hours since that happened and still no swelling, so I think I'm fine.  We had 8 this morning and I started to struggle around 5.  It seemed the group was pushing the pace more than I could.  Around mile 6, two guys turned off for a restroom stop, and so I let myself lag behind the group, thinking these guys would catch up to me, but they never did.  I didn't slow down unnecessarily, but I might have slowed more if I hadn't had a friend's keys in my car so he wouldn't have to carry them -- and I didn't want him to have to wait around for me. 

But an okay run and an overall okay pace.  Just feeling mentally like my MTCM time goals might be unattainable.  Need to work on the attitude.

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