Monday, July 5, 2010


I don't want to speak too soon, but maybe last week's high mileage was the cure I needed.  My feet actually feel less sore.  Because of the holiday shifting the long run to Saturday, I logged 46 miles last week (but this week will be under 30, so it will balance out). 

Bella did a list on her blog of things to do before age 40.  I started a similar list (life-long, not by a certain age) a while ago -- more than a year I think.  I may have to give it some more thought, dig up my old list, and post it here.  Another blog I like (Half of Jess) asked recently about just a few goals.  The top few that came to mind for me were to qualify for Boston, to become debt-free (including the house), to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary (a stretch maybe since we weren't kids when we got married), and to argue before an appellate court.  I have tons of travel goals -- Israel/Jordan, China (I am not counting my Hong Kong trip as seeing China), Egypt, and India are high on the list of places I haven't been.  That was a list of 5 for a long time until a few months ago when I got to cross Russia off the list.  2012 should be China.  And depending if my in-laws come to Italy with us next year, I may also get to experience Egypt soon (though I'd rather go to Italy with them and save the Italy/Egypt trip for some other year, but if they don't come, we'll either do Italy/Sweden or Italy/Egypt in 2011). 

I also started my blog list today!

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