Friday, July 30, 2010


Technically, I already topped 40 miles in a week during this training season, but it was the week before July 4, so it doesn't really count -- the week had long runs on Sun and Sat, and then the following week was only about 20.  So the two weeks averaged out in the mid-30s.  But this morning we had tons of running at camp.  I ran with Joy the whole time and she was wearing her Garmin.  Before class started I asked if she'd be up for a bit of running afterward whatever mileage I needed to get to 2.9 (for 40), or 3.0 (for 40.1, over 40!).  She wasn't enthused but we had a warm-up run, then a warm-up, then a repeat of the same run.  So within 15 minutes I'd already done a mile.  We were in teams of about 5-9 doing stations and 2 of the 4 stations we did had lots of running.  We hit 3 miles just before we finished.  Woot!  I feel like I'm getting serious now!  9 weeks from Sunday... feeling great when I run, having major foot pain when I wake up, having mild foot pain periodically during the day. 

And to keep the good news going, when I got home from work yesterday, I saw our new windows were in and the painting work was done.  Now it looks like there's just a bit of exterior work to finish up.  The good part is it looks like it will all be done in the next few days, which is perfect because the AC's cousin is coming to visit from Italy next week!  I don't know her as well as I know the others, she actually didn't make it to our wedding b/c she was in school in Perugia, but Jordan visited her for a few days after the wedding.  And of course I've met her during our other visits, but it will be nice to have her here for a little while. 

We actually have tons of stuff happening next week.  Is it sad that one of the many "events" is watching the Bachelorette finale?  I am so ashamed to watch that show.  But I think hubby is actually enjoying it as well.  He asked me one day last week when the finale was.  He thinks she should and will pick Chris.  I think she should pick Roberto but will pick Chris, but part of me thinks she might not pick either of them, which is a shame b/c they both seem like genuine and nice guys -- the two I picked as the best on the very first night!  Anyway, there's also a fun happy hour, a trip to the circus with my godson (and his parents and older sister), Martina and Jordan's visit, one half of our next-door neighbor couple gets back into town Saturday -- hoping she'll get to meet Martina so they can swap some Southern Italy stories! -- one of my best friends has her birthday, we have a 20 mile run followed by breakfast with "Double D," one of my oldest running buddies who moved away in January, and then a party for the running team I'm on.  So having a quiet weekend this weekend is probably a good idea! 

My to-do list:
Breakfast with friend and give her our Sweden and St. Petersburg maps and guidebooks for her trip next week
Get my new running shoes ready, plan out outfit for Sunday's run
Find the gel inserts I used in my wedding shoes and see if they can fit in my fave work shoes to alleviate heel pain
Write a thank-you note and send the gift card to the guy who changed my flat after the race
Write a letter to my grandma
Order some pictures and frame them for our stairwell (after construction is done, we'll be able to rehang stuff on our exterior walls) (the stairs between our first and second floors are all pictures of us from various events/places, they go chronologically and go up through right before the wedding)
Call my 4-5 best friends, I need to catch up with all of the ones who don't live here
Watch a netflix dvd (Changeling, with Angelina Jolie, turns out the AC already saw it, so I can watch solo)
Check our neighbors' house and make sure it's ready for her to come back next week
Start Xmas shopping online (I know, it's irritating to start this early, but I'm much happier if I am done by early Nov., and I also have the added incentive of being able to bring a large amount with me to the marathon and give it to my parents to take with them when they drive so we won't have to pay to ship it or bring tons of luggage when we fly home for Xmas)
Work in my closet -- put away all laundry, do laundry, clear out dry cleaning refuse, organize clothes the way I like, possibly purge some things
Change linens
Find school supplies for charity drive organized by running friend -- I think we have all kinds of random notebooks under our guest bed.

Well, that was boring!  But at least I feel on top of the list now. 

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