Friday, July 16, 2010

Great workout!

I probably did the best at camp this morning that I've done in about a year.  We warmed up, ran about 400, then started the drill -- which was thrusts, then 400, then inchworms, then thrusts, then 300, then inchworms with pushups, then thrusts, then 200, then inchworms with pushups and thrusts, then thrusts, then 100, then crab walk/dips, then crab thrusts, then 50, then crab walk/dips, then thrusts, then 50 and crab/dips, then thrusts, then 100 with crab/dips, followed by crab thrusts, then 200, then thrusts, then 300, then thrusts, then 400 and then a few 50 sprints with a few other exercises mixed in.  Probably only ran a total of about 1.7 but I stayed near the front (with Grant and Lori) the whole time and felt strong.  Then I got home and my feet hurt while I made breakfast.  I've iced once a day each day for 3 straight days now and it doesn't really seem to be helping. 

Tomorrow is my last Sat off, then the race Sunday!  Here's hoping for a PR, even just by a bit...

But the best news is finding out that my mom got into the MTCM 10 mile race!  So maybe she and the AC can run it together, but even if not, at least our family will have multiple people in each event.  That's so exciting!! 

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