Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nice and Easy

We ran about 7.9 this morning at almost a 9 min pace when you added in the water stops and it felt soooo good.  I stayed with the group, surprised they didn't shun me.  I was just running with guys this morning (David, Kiran, Tony and Craig) and I felt fine but somehow ended up with some nastiness in my mouth.  I apologized profusely in advance for grossing them out, then I spit.  First time on a run ever, and I've been running for more than 5 years.  It just felt like there was no alternative.  They lauged and of course it led to all kinds of discussions about things we'd seen runners do -- mostly related to using the restroom.  The other big topics of conversation this morning were the 15k results, a couple people in our group broke 1:10, which is crazy impressive, particularly given the heat and one who wasn't there this morning even managed a negative split.  And we also talked a lot about the half-ironman last weekend that one of our group (and his wife!) did -- both had awesome times.  I think he ended up at 5:48 and she was 6:03.  They come back to town today and I think he's probably pleased with the results.  He was wondering if he'd be able to break 2 hours in the half-marathon after biking 56 miles, and he did.  That will be interesting to hear about first-hand on Thursday, which is good b/c we have hill repeats during our run, which is going to suck.  When I got home I rolled my ice bottle under my foot while I made my smoothie and then did a few stretches before I showered.  Still hurts, but maybe at least now I'm doing something to heal it!

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