Monday, July 12, 2010

Future Races

Lots to write, little time.  Took Saturday completely off, which was nice, though I'm not sure it did any good for my feet.  Got fresh pasta and local sauce at the farmer's market that morning and we had that as my carb-load dinner Sat night.  Long run this weekend ended up at 16.5 miles and I was definitely getting worn out toward the end.  Think 10 more miles would have been ugly.  It sucked b/c our group is starting to diverge in lengths, so we basically ran out 7 then almost back to the start and then out another 1+ and then back -- the tough part was the 1+ was toward home, which really made me wish I hadn't driven my car to the start point.  After we finished, I went back out for one person who'd slowed down a lot, but it was less than 2 minutes of running and I saw him coming toward me, so I u-turned and finished with him.  Then I got a massage/stretch, and then a bunch of us went out for breakfast. 

Today I ran about 1 at camp, but kept it all very easy.  My feet hurt like crazy this morning.  I need to be better about doing those stretches.

Adam asked me this morning about future races, he's thinking particularly internationally.  These are my thoughts.  At some point, I'd like to run all of the following marathons. 

New York (world marathon majors) (done)

Boston (world marathon majors)

St. George (done)
Chicago (world marathon majors) (done)

Marine Corps (done)
White Sands/Bataan (would like to run heavy)
Houston (hate thought of training over holidays)
Big Sur (haven't done spring before)
Steamtown (fall 2011 possibility)
Mohawk Valley (another fall 2011 choice)
Milwaukee (another fall 2011 choice)
Air Force (not sure if this is still on my list based on some reviews I've heard)
Anchorage (midnight sun)
Grandma's (maybe)
And the others I've done though not on a list -- White Rock, Oklahoma, San Antonio, soon to be MTCM

China -- either Beijing or Great Wall
London Flora (world marathon majors) (now called Virgin London I think)
Berlin (world marathon majors)

Others in Italy -- maybe Messina, Venezia, Torino, Firenze, Milano, Assisi, something in Calabria!
Three Countries marathon (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)


Plans.  Obviously this fall is MTCM.  If I feel good and am so inclined, while I have the high base I may also do San Antonio and/or White Rock.  It seems so effortless to run a second one since so little work is required if they're spaced the right number of weeks apart. 

For Spring 2011, I'd like to do White Sands and/or Boston.  Definitely Boston if I get in.

For Fall 2011, I'm thinking Steamtown or Mohawk Valley or Milwaukee (preference for one of the first two if I haven't qualified yet), and again, maybe also San Antonio and/or White Rock.  Another second marathon possibility though would be Stinson Beach (instead of San Antonio) if friends are going to do it.  That's a race that wouldn't be for time since ravines, stairs and trail aren't conducive to PRs. 

Spring 2012 will be White Sands or Boston, whichever one I still need to do (assuming of course that Boston is an option by then).  And then maybe Great Wall if we decide to go to Asia in the late spring.  If we don't go then, we'll have to go in the fall and Beijing will be my fall 2012 marathon. 

So exciting!  My feet really need to heal.

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