Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nice! 3 mos to go!

Schedule was 14 this morning and the route was right past our front door, so I got dropped off at the start, ran the route with the group, and then ran home solo -- getting to see other friends on their way to the finish too.  I ended up at 15.9 miles and felt good the whole time.  Big score!  It was overcast and cooler this morning, and even if cooler just means upper 70s, it's so much better than something over 80.  It was a little misty around the u-turn, apparently the beginning of the effects of Alex here, which got downgraded to tropical storm level.  So I briefly wished I'd remembered to grab a hat or visor, but it never really rained.  Now I just have to hope it holds off the rest of the day.  I've relaxed this morning and am about to start cooking.  I am making something for the wives' association cookout tonight, then fireworks!  I really hope I feel this great 3 months from today.  Exactly.  Scary. 

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