Friday, January 19, 2018


My father-in-law passed away this morning.  My husband and his brothers are all somewhat relieved I think.  My mother-in-law is oblivious.  She was in the room when it happened, and this morning, she woke up, they moved her into the chair, and then opened the curtain to the empty bed where my father-in-law has lived the last few years.  She didn't seem to notice the bed was empty, and hasn't asked about either her husband or "that guy in the bed over there" as she would occasionally refer to him when she was clearly forgetting everything about everyone.  We talked to her for a while last night to try to distract her from what was going on in the other half of the room, but it was pointless, she wasn't paying attention to the phone, she was saying things that made no sense, she couldn't answer questions or follow the conversation.  Although she did say she was thinking about starting all over, maybe she'd have a baby again!  Eventually though, she just set the phone down and my sister-in-law picked up, so we got to talk to her for a while.  They had asked my father-in-law multiple times if he wanted to go to the hospital where they could help him right away, make him feel better, etc., but he adamantly said no repeatedly.  He was ready, and it was time.  The last 11 years have been very hard on him, but I'm so happy that I've known him for 13 years -- that's two years of "normal" memories with him, before the sharp decline began.  I'm glad his suffering is over and he is at peace.  The world lost an interesting one today. 
12-10-32 to 1-19-18. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Signs of Senility

So I was in the restroom at work one day this week, and I was looking in the mirror adjusting a scarf I was wearing.  As an aside, a.) it's super cold right now, for Dallas, b.) my office is frigid in the summer and it is downright freezing in the winter. 

Anyway, I got the scarf tied the way I wanted it and as I was walking out of the restroom, where there are mirrors on each wall of the corner, I looked up at my face. It must have been the weird perspective of the different angle, but all of a sudden, my heart leapt because I saw my mom.  I swear, I had simultaneous instant feelings -- so happy she was there, but so alarmed that something must be very wrong for her to be in the restroom at my office more than 1,000 miles away from home.  Yeah, both those reactions were there before I realized of course that I was looking at my own face. 

There's a picture from our wedding day where I'm in the room where I got dressed, getting ready to go to the castle where we got married, and I'm doing this weird closed mouth smile that I usually don't do.  When I first saw that image after the wedding, I realized that I looked exactly like my mom in it.  And it's happened a couple other times where I've creeped myself out by how much I look like her.  But this is the first time I honestly for a milli-second didn't even recognize myself. 

I guess this explains why I've repeatedly put my husband in the uncomfortable position of demanding to know whether he thinks my mom is attractive -- I'm obviously going to completely turn into her one day.  Appearance-wise, that works for me since I think my mom is pretty, but man, it's creepy to see it happening before my eyes. 

Friday, January 12, 2018


I just want to lodge my official complaint for the record.

Yesterday morning, I ran in short sleeves.  The temp was in the upper 50s and there was a light breeze.

Today, it was 28 degrees and below 20 with wind chill.

What the heck? 

Thankfully, tomorrow's activity is not weather-dependent.  I'm attempting my first stair climb -- it's a quarter mile up apparently, 2424 steps.  A total of 3 trips up the most distinctive building in the Dallas skyline, Reunion Tower.  Can't wait!  My crazy boot camp buddy Megan is doing the half mile.  I'm hoping mine will be done in less than 25 minutes. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New resolutions for 2018

I haven't really committed to what my primary resolutions will be this year, but I'm going strong with several.  (I always wait until after the 12 days of Christmas are over to get started.)  I've got a list of about 10, a few of which (particularly financial ones) are repeats. 

But the best part of getting started with new resolutions this year is because I left work with this view on Thursday night: 

Woohoo!!  That's my voicemail light!  It's on and I DON'T CARE! 

Two of my big 2017 resolutions were work-related.  First, to check my voicemail every day I was in the office, and second, to do "more" of my own filing. 

Holy crap, checking voicemail sucks my will to live!  I hate it so much.  I'm sure the resolution was good for me, made me better at my job and all that, but I am so happy to let that resolution go.  I only missed 3 days I was in the office in all of 2017, so I'd consider that almost perfect.  Considering how much I hated doing it, I'm proud of myself for only missing 3 days. 

I'll keep doing some of my own filing this year under similar guidelines to what I used last year -- filing things if I can do some almost instantaneously with sending or receiving a message.  But on cases where emails are flying back and forth, or cases where I don't address an email the same day I get it, those still go to my assistant to do.  But it's not going to be a resolution this year, it's just more of a habit. 

My only work-related resolution this year is to stand for a couple hours per day on the days that I work from home (that's not even really work-related).  I've worked from home two days so far and have done it both of them. 

Does anyone know details on that whole "sitting is the new smoking" thing?  Like if I work from home from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. two days per week, if I stand for 2 hours right at the start, does that give any different benefit (and if so, how?) from if I stand for 2 hours mid-day?  And is there any difference if I do two separate 1 hour periods?  What about 8 separate 15 minute periods?  I read about it a while ago, and part of me thinks the least beneficial would be doing a 2 hour block right at the start of the day and then sitting the remainder of the day, and most beneficial would be doing like 16 separate periods of 7.5 minutes.  But is the difference in benefit minimal?  Or significant?  For this year, I'm just doing the 2 hours however it works out.  If it's right at the start and all in one block, so be it, but I'd love to know if I'd get more benefit (and how much more) by breaking it up more or doing it more mid-day.