Monday, July 26, 2010

Long run and pictures

Sunday's 18 miles went pretty well, though I was 100% ready to be finished by the end and think adding 8 more miles would have been ugly -- probably 2 more hours!  We ran around the north side of the lake, and then headed toward my house for the extra 2 miles at the end, which was nice b/c I hadn't driven, so I just split from the group when they u-turned and I continued home on the trail.  I got in the house and didn't do enough stretching.  I drank a recovery drink and tried to take an ice bath, but I only had the ice in the freezer to use, which melts in about 2 minutes in "Texas July" cold water.  But the caramel brownies might have made the run worth it! 

I spent the day then cooking, finishing a book, and setting the table. 

We'd done a lot of the cooking prep on Saturday (which might have made my feet extra tired on Sunday), so the cooking was actually pretty easy.  The nice part was not having to cook dessert and deciding to enjoy two of them -- white on white, and then yellow butter with white frosting -- since I'd run so far in the morning and my only sweets had been the caramel brownies.

 Yum... cupcakes.  It was a really nice night, even if I ate and drank too much.  I also have lots of leftovers for the week.  Today for lunch I have the leftover salad and the first of many leftover soup servings, and I munched on mushroom brie and crackers for my mid-morning snack.  Tonight is leftover lasagna... Perfect fuel for tomorrow's 7 with 4 at race pace, which is going to be tough b/c my race pace is slower than my weekday group's race pace, so I may be solo for a good bit of the run.  Ugh, I hate running alone.

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