Friday, July 23, 2010

Short week

Joy overslept this morning and missed camp (first time I can think of this happening), so I wasn't able to mooch a garmin reading off her for how far we ran, but it was fairly short and definitely less than 3 miles so unless I run tomorrow, I'm going to be short on distance this week, somewhere in the low 30s, but I'll take it.  Next week will be solid, starting with 18 on Sunday!  I was alarmed to realize that I felt like I was looking forward to the run.  I thought about it more carefully and realized I'm actually looking forward to being done with the run.  Why?  Because I get to eat one package of 2 caramel brownies that is in the freezer!  I've decided I'll do pints of Ben & Jerry's after the two 20 milers, and after the 23 miler (partially as a reward for the run, but also a reward for the ice baths), but I think the brownies will be a good treat for all the other long runs.  I'm also doing Mexican food for lunch after the second 20 and after the 23, and I'm going out for brunch at Cafe Brazil after the first 20 with a bunch of running friends to celebrate "Double D" being back in town for the wknd, with whom I have logged tons of running miles.  I miss him.  I hope they move back here within the next couple years.  So basically I have my refueling plans covered for the 18+ milers that are on the schedule. 

I need to get a little more prepared for Sunday.  We're going out for a late Mexican food lunch on Sat with one of the AC's co-workers and his wife and I should decide now if I'm going to get a margarita or not.  I really want one, but am worried about it kicking my butt 15 hours later when I run the 18.  But I also need to decide on Sat night dinner (no doubt pasta, red sauce, garlic bread), choose an outfit (time to start trial runs of outfits for marathon day), pack my recovery drink and gu, put a towel by the door, etc. 

Plus I need to get ready on Sat for our big dinner on Sunday!  I'd like to get the table set and hopefully prep all the ingredients so I can spend the afternoon cooking on Sun.  The menu:

Cheese, crackers, olives as appetizer
Carrot-cilantro soup
Spicy Cauliflower Lasagna (and have to make homemade sauce for it)
Strawberry Gorgonzola salad
Cupcakes (need to call and confirm my order today)

Doesn't really seem like a lot, but there will only be 6 of us.  I just hope I'm not dead in the water from the run.  The drink is going to be Tang with Vodka (going for an outer-space theme), and then wine.  Hopefully it will all pull together easily. 

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