Thursday, July 29, 2010

High mileage week

We had 6-8 easy on the schedule this morning and ended up at 7.1, though the pace wasn't as fast as it felt -- 8:49 or so counting 2 short water stops.  There was a big group this morning b/c we ran the first 5+ miles with the White Rock training group, which is just starting out.  The best part may have been that I wasn't the only female -- Tom's wife ran with us, so I got to talk to her for a while.  Today is their 4th wedding anniversary, though I found out they were together 5 years before they got married -- someone else who shared our no rush philosophy.  It may be living in or near the Bible Belt, but it seems more common here to meet people who date for a few months and then get married.  Anyway, the 7.1 today puts me just over 37 for the week.  I wonder if I'll eke out 3 miles over the next 2 days to hit 40 for the first time this season! 

Toward the end of the run, we parted ways with the Rock group and we went to the track for some extra mileage (Rebecca came with us but she can handle the extra mileage b/c she and Tom just did a half-Ironman a couple weeks ago).  The track was Tom's idea and so awesome -- I've missed the track a lot in the last few months, though I'm sure I'll get sick of it again soon when we start going regularly.  So Tom and Bandana-man (Robert, I confirmed) were up front at the track, and I ran with David, and eventually Rebecca fell back and joined us.  It was only 3 laps and the pace was pretty good and steady.  Actually closer to my race pace than it should have been, which is scary because it didn't feel 26-miles-sustainable.  But it felt good today. 

The construction work on our house appears to be drawing to a close.  We're getting a couple more windows replaced, and there are a couple paint touch-ups that need to be done.  It will be so nice (and safer!) to get the grill out of the living room and back onto our balcony.  The AC bought corn on the cob yesterday in hopes we'll be able to grill it soon. 

And my cupcake streak is officially over since I ate the last one yesterday.  But there is no way I'm still dehydrated from Sunday, so it's possible I've lost a pound in the last week.  Crazy!!! 

MTCM plans are coming along.  Hubby ran 6 miles this morning, in preparation for his 10 mile race that day.  One cousin who isn't running the full due to a knee injury (and her husband who is), and her parents (my aunt and uncle) made hotel reservations at the same place as my folks.  Adam, maybe Zach, and Drina are staying somewhere else, and then we're right by the finish line, but we'll all be in St. Paul, so it should be easy for everyone to be together a lot.  We may cancel our hotel, at least for part of the time though, and stay with another cousin who is running the race as well.  She offered, but we'll have to confirm she'll have room since my other aunt and uncle (her folks) are also coming to cheer.  And we'll also have to see if it's pet-free -- I don't think I want allergy issues in the days right before the race.  I think we'll stick with our hotel though for the night before the race.  It will be so nice to be able to walk back to the hotel right after the race, it's only about .2 miles.  But it would be nice not to have to spend the money for the extra nights of hotel.  Becca Runs Boston did a list on her blog today of things she's coveting and she listed the Garmin that I think I want -- the 405CX.  If I saved $200 by not needing a hotel on Thurs and Fri nights, that would be like half the watch!  We're really trying to be careful of our discretionary spending since we blew the budget in Sweden and Russia a bit, and since we're already saving for our next vacation -- back to Italy next year.  With the in-laws hopefully, in which case we'll also have a short stop in Paris.  If the in-laws don't come along, then we'll probably either do Italy/Paris, Italy/Stockholm, or Italy/Egypt.

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  1. I'm definitely going to steal your "post it note on the credit card" idea to save up for the Garmin. If you get it let me know what you think!