Friday, July 9, 2010

Dialing it down

Went to camp this morning and ran a mile but I skipped out on all the sprinting and just did some weights.  Schedule is 5 easy tomorrow and then 16 on Sunday, my plan was 5 tomorrow and 18 on Sunday.  Trying to decide what to do... 

Options:  (1) follow the schedule; (2) follow the schedule but add 2 miles to the run on Sunday, which was my original (pre-pain) plan; (3) skip Sat and run 16 on Sunday, or (4) skip Sat but still add 2 miles on Sunday.  Notably, skipping both is still not an option.  Hmmm... feet (and laziness) will probably dictate. 

Major drama at work today.  The person I call "Bla" majorly dropped the ball several months ago (which I discovered at a hearing this morning) and of course is attempting to shift all blame off her, the only person who was responsible for getting it done.  The funniest thing was that I was at the hearing until about 10.  Came back and did some investigating to see if we'd really dropped the ball (I was sure some clerical or processing error).  At 11:30 I sent a report to the boss and Bla.  Boss is out today and Bla replied at noon, saying, funny, I'd just investigated that an hour ago and saw the same thing.  Can you say schmullshit?  It made me laugh.  Reminded me of someone I know who claimed to have gotten engaged and then for some unexplained reason didn't tell anyone for a few weeks and then suddenly found out they were pregnant a few weeks after "the engagement", and so then told everyone both pieces of news at once.  In both instances, what I suspect to be the truth wouldn't have bothered me or anyone else in all likelihood.  So I found out about a droppped ball from the judge months after the fact and brought it to Bla's attention.  So they decided to get married b/c they were pregnant.  It's really just more what I see as a cover-up and preceived false timeline that amuses me. 

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