Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I ran more at camp this morning than I realized -- we had to do a bunch of suicides so it never seemed like we were going far.  And then I ran home, a little over half of the run home was with Joy.  My times seemed slow.  Since I'm a running log person, I can tell you exactly how slow... and the answer is not really.  In fact, just a tad faster than I was 2 weeks ago on the same run, and almost even with last week.  The problem is, the first week of training I tried to do a baseline run and my goal is to maintain that.  I basically ran the exact same pace on this post-camp Wed. run for 5 straight weeks, and the last 2 (plus today) have been slower.  I lack any good explanation -- it's hotter?  I'm more run down?  Who knows?  My ideal plan for this morning was to run it all on pace and add on some distance (1.7 more miles) so that I could have my Sat miles already out of the way and would be able to take that day off.  Since I loooove rest days, I'll take Sat off in all likelihood anyway, and my miles will just be short this week. 

Here's my weekly miles since training started:
12.1 (major medical issue -- not mine)
46.1 (only high b/c two long runs b/c of the holiday)
20.3 (only low b/c no long run)

Hmm, hadn't expected that list to mean anything at all to me, but it's quite interesting that my slow Wed. times seem to have started around the higher weeks.  Oh well, I'd rather have the times slip a little on the Wed. runs and have my mileage be higher I think.

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