Monday, July 2, 2012

FMM: Quick Questions

My day didn't go as planned yesterday.  Got in my long run (14 miles), then breakfast with a bunch of friends and a nap, but then some chaos at work erupted and I spent most of the day on the computer and phone dealing with it.  So much for packing, cleaning, reading, getting anything on the list done.  Oh well! 

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FMM: Quick Questions

1. What are your plans for Independence Day?
Flying to Pittsburgh in the morning for 5 days with the in-laws.  Think we'll spend the afternoon at hubby's cousin's house for pool and picnic time, and hopefully there will be a fireworks show that we catch. 
2. What is the last thing interesting thing you drank?
Umm, I guess my breakfast smoothie (spinach, soy milk, protein powder, and frozen strawberries, blueberries and pineapple).  And I had some really watered down Gatorade yesterday.  My drinks have been pretty lackluster! 
3. Share one of your favorite quotes.
“Eat clean, train dirty."  "Don't wish for it, work for it."  "Try and fail, but don't fail to try."  I'm full of them right now -- all motivated from boot camp this morning! 

4. Name someone or something that makes you smile. 
Thinking about our wedding day. 
5. What will you/did you eat for lunch today? 
I made a whole wheat tortilla wrap with spinach and marinated artichokes, and I'll add half an avocado to it before eating.  And a small bag of grapes (would much prefer a big bag, but rationing to make the supply last until we leave for vacation). 
6. What’s the last movie that you watched and enjoyed? 
In the Land of Blood and Honey, about the war in Bosnia -- there is one very graphic rape scene that was disturbing, but it was a well-done movie about the war and does an interesting job of portraying the odd dynamics of the war.  Pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a movie directed by Angelina Jolie -- and that's a good thing!  I've seen a few other movies in the last couple weeks, but didn't enjoy them much. 
7. Share something sweet and unexpected that someone did for you recently. 
At work, I was on the phone with someone and happened to hear that she'd heard a very positive review of my performance.  I joked, saying something like, you should put that in writing.  And then Friday, I got a forward from the VP that I report to, saying great work, and fowarding her email.  Sure enough, she'd written a long email to him saying that she's always been happy with my work, but that hearing it from this client was especially good, and explaining why that person's happiness was important to retaining this important business and how it impacted the bottom line.  Totally unnecessary for her to take the extra time to send that email and make me look good.  Very nice.  I definitely try to do that when I work with someone and know his or her boss -- I'll often send a thank you note to the employee and copy the boss, and occasionally I'll email the boss and say how much time and effort the employee saved the boss, helped me, helped defend the case, whatever.  But this is a good reminder that I need to keep doing that! 
8. If you could spend ten days on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
I'm going to choose Tibet and Western China.  As we're planning our trip for October, even though we'll be in China for nearly 3 weeks, it's just not long enough to see all of the country.  And I realize that even though I'm 36, there's a good chance that this is going to be my one and only trip to explore mainland China.  That area would likely have great hiking, interesting food, and such a different culture.  And it's probably not in the low 100s every stinking day...  I bet lots of people choose beaches for this question, that just sounds so unappealing to me right now.  I just want something cool...
9. What are you currently reading?
I'm in the middle of Orange is the New Black, and I also just started The Scarecrow last night (my attempt to read some fiction).  Oh, and I'm reading Ursula Under (more fiction), but it's very slow going -- I'm at over 6 months and it's not a long book! 
10. Share at least one thing that you’re looking forward to this week. 
Playing dominoes with my mother-in-law!  While eating what I always eat at their house -- a sandwich on sourdough with provolone and marinated artichokes (she gets all flustered about what to feed a vegetarian, and I made this sandwich the first time I visited, and I love it!). 
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  1. Hey, just coming by from FMM (and from your comment on my blog, very quick when I can just click names, love it!).

    It's sad that it's so expensive to travel, the further it is, the more the flight itself costs. And while some local spots are inexpensive, a lot of them (e.g. Tokyo) are not inexpensive at all. I wish I could travel more than I do, it's so neat to visit new places.

    I hope you have fun on your trip :)