Sunday, July 8, 2012

Breakfast with the In-Laws

I laughed the other morning when I ate breakfast at their house.  True to my mother-in-law's typical concern for the comfort of others, she made sure they had plenty of breakfast cereal on hand for our visit.  Very nice.  I always drink smoothies at home, but that's way too much to make at their house.  So we usually eat cereal (which hubby eats at home anyway), and we're big breakfast eaters, so we eat vast quantities of cereal. 

The last couple mornings, I've just grabbed a bagel and ate it while I walked to the cafe where I worked on Thurs and Fri, and Sat I had a sandwich because I went for my long run as soon as I got up. 

Today was my first breakfast in their house -- 4 different boxes of cereal to choose from.  Sweet.  I pull them out to see what I want, raisin clusters, honey clusters, etc.  All varieties of Fiber One.  It's almost like there is no other brand of cereal in Pennsylvania... 

Well, just another little reminder it will be nice to get home and back to our routine! 

We have had a great time visiting them, but sleeping on a fouton, with a noisy window unit running full speed, having to repeat 90% of what you say at least 3 times (but actually, they're both scheduled to get hearing aids later this month), the Fox News blaring alarming news at very high volume, yep, all just reminders that it will be nice to get back home... 

I wish they'd come visit us so we get all the positives of time with the in-laws, and all the positives of being in our own home! 

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  1. LOL! I suppose you can always use a little extra fiber. Points for your mother-in-law at least trying. I'm guessing they don't read your blog.

    I really like my in-laws probably more than most because they live 8000 miles away. We buy all the food for the whole family when we visit so we can ask for specific meals. However, my mother-in-law is going to be beside herself when she discovers I no longer eat meat. Last year when we visited I made the most delicious tropical fruit salad. She wouldn't touch it because she prefers to eat beef! To help her get over my news I will just tell her there will be more meat for her.