Wednesday, August 11, 2010


After feeling so good yesterday, I think I feel worse today.  I'm trying to stay seated at work as much as possible and to keep icing.  Maybe I'll do some stretches in a little while too. 

We ran some at camp this morning, including a fairly quick mile, and then I ran home with Joy.  I slowed a bit after she u-turned because I knew there was more coming.  I ran into my husband a few blocks from home and we walked back together, he went in to get me a drink, and I rang our neighbor's bell.  We'd planned to go for a walk and I'd asked my hubby yesterday if he wanted to join us, but he said no.  But he changed his mind this morning, so the 3 of us walked about 1.6 together.  I felt some soreness while we were walking, but when we got home, it got worse as I was standing in the kitchen.  Crazy painful, but only 7 more long runs before MTCM!  And only two of those are over 19!  I think I can suck up a lot of pain for 7 weeks.  Especially when I try to have some perspective and think about people dealing with real problems.  As long as I'm not going to do any permanent damage or lengthen the time needed for recovery, I am just going to deal with it.  And then in sweet, sweet October and I can get some sweet, sweet rest.  It would be lovely if I qualified at MTCM and could let San Antonio just drop off my radar screen.

Found out this morning that one of my besties is going to do her 3d marathon -- White Rock again!  She ran Chicago in 07 at my suggestion -- I'm glad we're still friends after that!  I tried to tell her it was unprecedented, that there'd never been a major marathon like that before, that it was anything but normal (yes, people die in other marathons, but with the cancellation, the helicopters, the sirens, the police grabbing you, the insanity in general, this was unlike anything else).  I'm not sure if she believed me, but she definitely felt like she'd been robbed.  She was manhandled by some police but did manage to keep going and finished the race.  But it was clearly not the experience she anticipated, so she ran WR a couple months later and that was much better for her.  And now she's going to do it again!  I'm worried about her since she's starting a new job soon and said she won't be able to train with our group (she'll be working nights and her sched will be irregular), but hopefully registering for the race will be enough motivation to make up for the lack of group accountability/friendship that make me show up even when I'm tired or don't feel like it. 

I'd love to go out and cheer for her (and my husband if he decides to do the half).  But if I don't qualify at MTCM but get closer, I might feel compelled to run it again.  Then I'll have to wait for December to rest my feet!  That would be awesome since I hate training that month anyway -- too much fun food, too many drinks, too cold, too much snow when we go home.

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