Monday, August 30, 2010

If I were crazy...

If I were crazy, I'd consider going for a very short run tonight after work.  Less than half a mile.  I should be out of the office by 7ish, and it's only supposed to get to 97 today, so it wouldn't be over 100 when I went.  And then I could say I hit 830 on 8/30.  My YTD miles right now are at 829.7, including the 1 I ran this morning.  But I'd have to be crazy to do that.  And I'm not crazy. 

I had a great weekend with the 15 mile run and the rest of the time with my hubby.  We got about 1 million projects done.  Even things like scrubbing scuff marks out of the walls.  Writing a letter I'd been stalling on for 8 months.  Putting away Costa Rica travel books that had been loaned to a friend but returned 2 months ago (but hadn't had time to get the ladder to reach the travel shelf on the book shelf where they belonged).  I ate a ton of cupcakes and actually baked more of them last night -- Joy's bday is today, so I gave her 16, but I still have leftovers that I brought to work.  Looking at them last night, I didn't think they'd worked well -- fudge ribbon, but it had seemed like the ribbon dissolved or something.  But I've eaten one and it was surprisingly good! 

We watched a couple movies -- Up (animated) and an Italian documentary about Di Vittorio's life story.  I cheated and read more subtitles than I'd have liked, but the language was tough.  I have to admit, I had no idea how to say what the subtitles translated as "yokel" until yesterday!  They used the word yokel a bunch in the movie, talking about how laborers and country folk were regarded by Rome.  The Italian description (nothing in English I could find):  Nel 2009 la Raiuno ha trasmesso la fiction "Pane e libertà", che racconta la vita di Giuseppe Di Vittorio in due puntate.  That means 4 hours of movie!

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