Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blisters?!?! And the morning went downhill from there...

I don't know what the eff happened this morning but I'm feeling like a rookie.  I have blisters!  On both feet!  How did that happen?  They are right on my achilles, right where the top of my shoe hits my foot.  I wore the same shoes I've worn for weeks and actually the same make of shoe I've worn for years and this has never happened before.  I mean, I have a permanent blister on the top of my middle toe on one foot and that's normal for me (the toe next to it isn't really straight so they hit) (it's preventable if I wear a toe cap (or maybe moleskin or something like that), but that's not usually worth the risk of discomfort or new blisters, so I live with it).  I was wearing low-rise socks this morning and they seemed to be sitting lower than normal, but I don't know why they would be -- it's not like they shrunk or my feet grew.  Either way, I'm pretty sure it was my socks that caused the problem.  I tried to pull the socks up at the 6 mile water stop, but it just wasn't possible.  It's so weird though, b/c these aren't new socks and I've worn them many times with no problems.  I've started wearing thick socks this season b/c of the heel pain.  I figure the extra padding is good, so I have 3 pairs of Thorlos (including the 1 low-rise pair I wore this morning), and 2 other pairs of some other brand, and those are pretty much the only socks I'll wear on plain running days (I don't worry as much if it's running at or after camp, since that's less than 5 miles).  Ugh, it's just so frustrating. 

So the plan for Sunday is now Body Glide on my heels and higher rise socks.  And maybe short sleeves.  I need to start thinking about my ideal marathon outfit and have it ready to go for Sunday, since it's apparently going to get warm again sometime next week, so this is my best chance to try it out. 

The run this morning was lovely, again, blisters aside.  I stayed pretty close to the guys for race pace, and was less than 20 seconds back from them at the end of our 2 miles at half pace.  8 nice and cool miles.  Race pace felt great, though maybe not sustainable for 26 miles, but I was relieved to hear some of the others felt the same way.  But even half pace felt good.  It's nice to be able to finally bring some speed after so many weeks of just working on mileage. 

But the rest of this morning has completely sucked.  The run itself was nice but b/c of yesterday's rain, and my attempt to run the tangent on one turn, I stepped in mud.  No big deal until I got home and rested my shoe on the carpeted stair to untie it and left a big stain.  Anyway, with the big hurry to get my shoes off to relieve the blister pain, and to use the restroom, I felt a little out of sorts when I got home.  But I went about my normal morning. 

My hubby did an 8 mile run as well this morning but had to be at work at 8, so he'd started running at 4:30, so he'd be home in time to leave the house by 7:15.  We overlapped briefly at home and I brought my breakfast to the bedroom to hang out and chat with him while he finished getting ready.  Then I read a bit of my book, made lunch, got showered and dressed, etc. and then was ready to head to work.  Walked to the garage door and surprise, no car key. 

I am religious about putting my car key on the hook right by the door b/c I HATE losing my keys.  I thought maybe I'd carried it into the bathroom or set it on the entry table, or in the kitchen (possibly even in the cabinet where we keep the toaster and blender I'd used, or in the fridge or freezer), or anywhere else I could imagine.  No key.  Looked all over the house.  Looked in the car (possibly left in the ignition?  unlikely, but possible).  Tore everything apart.  Purse, couch, laundry hamper, everything.  Of course during the 45 minutes of searching, I was continuously trying to call my husband.  He was in a class today and not answering his phone.  I thought there was a chance he'd taken my key, but I figured that wasn't likely, but if nothing else, he had my spare key and I needed it.  But I kept calling thinking his phone was probably on vibrate and he'd likely ignore a couple calls from me but if he got about 100 he'd realize it was an emergency.  Finally he answered while I was in the process of tearing apart the bed (I'd sat there to read, and maybe set the key down and it got wedged in the covers?).  No, he didn't take my key he said.  I asked him to check and oh yes, it looks like he did.  I said I needed him to bring it to me and he said there was no way he could do it until his class went to lunch break in a few hours.  I was so angry!!  Finally he suggested I take a cab to work and then he'd come to the office and get me at lunch and take me home to my car.  So I sat at home fuming and was attempting to clean up my path of searching destruction.  I'd taken many of the contents out of my jewelry drawer -- thinking maybe I'd dropped it in there with the rubber band I use for my hair when I took it down (I know it's a stretch, but I was desperate).  And lo' and behold, I found my spare plastic emergency car key.  And I got my butt to work. 

I can't really stay angry b/c I know it was an accident, but it's just so frustrating sometimes!  Well, the day can only get better now, right?

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