Friday, August 27, 2010

Free 5 minutes!

I officially get my "free" 5 minutes for Boston today, which is nice I guess -- it will be celebrated with lots of sweets and probably dinner and many drinks tonight.  So far I've only eaten one of the cupcakes that I'm going to have to burn off at some point.  But I'm short of my distance from last year, when I hit 827 YTD miles today.  I'm officially at 813.1, so 14 miles behind. 

But strangely, at the end of the month, I don't think I'll be 14 back for the year, it just works out that way in terms of days of the week.  I'm predicting my August mileage will be 183.6 (or a little higher if I do anything on Monday, but it will be less than 2).  Last August I was at 182.5. 

And just b/c I love numbers (only when they relate to running miles though, I hate all other numbers), as of COB on 8/31 last year, my miles to date were 845.1.  If I hit my expected 183.6 over the next few days, as of COB on 8/31 this year, I think my miles to date will be 836.7.  That means I'm only down 8.4 for the year, and my goal is to beat last year by 15.2 (hitting 1300 total), so I'm down a total of 23.6.  But still planning to make up those miles in October and December, which were both crazy light last year (sick at marathon and for a week after last October, and just overly lazy in Dec, which may repeat and won't bother me assuming Oct is better). 

If I hit my goal of 1300, that will work out to 3.56 miles per day, which doesn't really sound very impressive to me.  I much prefer my August numbers -- if I hit 183.6, that will be an average of 5.9 each day this month, which does sound impressive.  I wonder exactly where my line is.  Probably around 5 miles.  But if I really did average 5 miles per day, that would put me at 1825 for the year.  Wow.  Maybe one year that can be my goal.  Maybe that will be what I need to make it to Boston without needing another free 5 minutes...

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