Sunday, August 29, 2010

Four more!

Well, another solid run.  The biggest issue was that I wore moleskin over the new heel/Achilles blisters and it bunched up and was somewhat painful, but I was able to run through it.  It hurt a lot when I got home and we tried to peel it off, but we tried that "new skin" liquid bandaid, so it might be easier from now on.  Putting on the liquid bandage hurt so much but it will be worth it if the blisters don't hurt on my next run. 

15 miles this morning, 6 were supposed to be at race pace and I don't think I did that (a little too slow) but it was faster than an easy run.  The course was very hilly and it was hot again, low 80s when we started.  I'm so ready for more of those cooler mornings we had recently. 

Trying to finish my reading for book club tonight, planning to run a few errands and then bake cupcakes for Joy's birthday tomorrow.  Busy Sunday afternoon ahead of us!

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