Friday, August 6, 2010

Rest Day with Houseguests!

Well, house renovations didn't quite wrap up yesterday as hoped, but they're in the final stretches today it appears.  After a very late and exciting night last night -- featuring the circus followed by going out for pizza and drinks, and then followed by making up the rollaway bed, finishing rehanging pictures on the walls, etc. -- I decided to skip camp and running this morning.  I may go tomorrow if I wake up early but I think that might be unlikely since we'd like our foreign guest to return to Bella Italia with fun stories of Dallas and Fort Worth. 

I might bail on work a little early and aim to bill a few extra hours over the wknd or something.  I think they're planning on an indoor zoo/aquarium today, which would be fun.  Tomorrow my vote is going to be Fort Worth to see the cattle drive (in Italy, the image of Texas seems to be well-represented by Fort Worth) and lunch at what I think is one of the coolest Mexican restaurants around.  Unfortunately, it will have to be VERY early to bed for me on Sat night since our group has decided to break up the long run a bit on Sunday.  Since MTCM, St. George and other early marathons have to go 20 miles, while Chicago and others only have 17 or 18, those of us doing 20 will have to start running at 5 a.m.  We'll do 3 miles and end up back at our start point around 5:30, then pick up the bulk of the group for another 17 miles.  And my Cali-based running buddy is going to start whenever he wakes up and gets ready and is going to run the course backwards toward me, then u-turn when we meet up and run the final miles in with me. 

The post-run plan on Sunday is going to be wonderfully fun, but not wonderful for recovery.  I'll make sure I have my recovery drink available and I'll try to stretch a little, but there won't be time for an ice bath or a massage, instead we'll just head straight to breakfast.  Mmm... crepes -- they have build-your-own crepes at this place and that's usually my first choice for breakfast there.  Zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, corn and jack cheese.  Sometimes I add spinach too.  Almost everyone else gets migas there, but I'm not really an egg person.  Occasionally I'll do french toast with fruit, so that may also be a contender.  Then I'll go home to shower and clean up and hopefully put my feet up for a while.  And I'll get to enjoy 2 caramel brownies and half a pint of my fave B&J ice cream.  Yum...  The flavor (oatmeal cookie chunk) seems to be hard to find, so I've had my hubby keep his eyes open for it for a couple weeks and he found it.  So I have 1 pint that is for this Sunday and two weeks from now, and 1 pint wholly reserved for after our 23 miler.  Sometimes I think the best part of doing these long training runs is getting to make up the calories.  Oh, and not crashing and burning during the marathon!  Haha. 

Okay, time to bill some hours since I just got comments from the client and I want to scoot out early oggi, to transition to my Italian frame of mind...  It's fun speaking, but she is trying to improve her English, so we actually speak that more than anything.  It will be nice next time we're in Italy to have someone to talk to in English -- she'll be able to translate for us.  We both speak Italian quite well, but unfortunately neither of us speaks dialect, which is what the older generation uses primarily.

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