Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sailing Along

Lovely run this morning -- 9 miles, close to my dream (BQ) race pace.  And I could have kept going easily, though not necessarily for 17 more miles!  It was still low to mid 80s this morning, but the humidity was down and that made a big difference.  I love mornings like this! 

We're at 17 or 18 days of 100+, which apparently makes it the 8th longest streak here, the only question is how much longer it will last.  Now they're saying maybe it will break on Monday, which does not say good things for my 20 on Sunday...  I read an interesting post on one of the blogs I read often (Seattle Runner Girl, not sure how to make that into a link).  She's building back up in her running and ran 4 the other day but struggled mentally with the first 2, likely acknowledging that while 4 isn't the furthest she's ever gone, it would be the furthest recently, and then she got over the mental part and kept going -- and did the full 4.  That's how I feel about these 20s.  They make me nervous.  Partially justified (that's no walk in the park, many possible ways the plan could be derailed before the finish), partially unjustified (I just did it successfully two weeks ago, not like it's my first 20 of the season).  But in reading and thinking about her post, it made me think I just have to do it, while doing all I can in advance to ensure my success.  But if it's a bust, it's a bust, not the end of the world, or even my MTCM dreams. 

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