Monday, August 23, 2010

20x2, check.

Well, my second 20 miler is in the rearview mirror now.  It was less than stellar, but it's over.  We tied the record high yesterday of 105 and the low was 83, so clearly not ideal conditions to run 20 miles. 

Our group started at 5:05 and ran 2, then met up with those doing later races like Marine Corps and NY and set out for 18 with them, but it wasn't an out-and-back.  Instead we went out 11 and then took a more direct route back for 7.  The highlight sadly enough for me was just before mile 2 of the second run (so mile 4 for me).  We ran right past my house and I'd told my neighbor we'd be running past and to stand outside with her coffee on her porch if she was awake.  And she wakes up early, so she was there.  I ran past and yelled "Ciao Anna!" and she yelled back to me.  Others in my group also yelled ciao, I'd told them she was Italian.  That was fun, it made me feel like I was in a race. 

I stayed toward the front of the group all the way to the airport, which was our 11 mile u-turn (actually 13), but we were a bit short on distance b/c of an earlier road closure.  The way back seems to have more uphill and I was dreading it.  The sun was already coming up and I didn't want to get finished and be short on distance and then be stuck running loops in the parking lot, so I told my running companions that I was going to double back for some extra distance and meet up with the slower bunch of our group, so I backtracked a block or so but didn't see them (though they had to be close since I'd seen them after our u-turn).  I u-turned again and was basically running solo for the rest of the way. 

I was kind of wanting to quit starting at about 16 for me but knew I wanted to make it to at least 18.  At that water stop, the wonderful woman who meets us with cold washcloths asked how I was doing and I told her I was struggling.  I'd just had a small bottle of water and was getting ready to set out again and she asked if I wanted some super-cold water.  I declined, then changed my mind figuring the extra water wouldn't slosh too much and the cold would be good.  It was like heaven and motivated me to get back out there for the last 2.  I focused mostly on how I was going to replenish the extra 2000 calories I'd be burning -- Mexican food for brunch with hubby, then my half-pint of Ben & Jerry's, then a caramel brownie.  And I also thought about what I'd eaten the day before in preparation (including an entire box of mac & cheese for lunch) and figured my hips would never survive the weekend intact if I didn't finish the full distance. 

I got back to the store and grabbed a bit more water, then headed out just for a couple more minutes and then u-turned to make sure I hit 20.  Turns out, I ended up at 20.4, which is good. 

I got home and took an ice bath, if you can call it that.  We'd bought 30 pounds of ice on Saturday but it had all melted less than 10 minutes after I added it to the tub.  I think I only have to do one more ice bath, after our 22, and maybe I'll keep the ice in the large bags and just lay it directly on my legs in the tub with less water instead of opening the bags. 

The rest of the day yesterday was more of a struggle.  I managed to get in and out of the shower and out the door for brunch on time.  Brunch was delicious.  I ate two baskets of chips, one with salsa, one with guac, and then had artichoke-avocado enchiladas, which were great.  I was supposed to go to work right after that but when I stood up, my legs were stiff and I had a monster headache, so I decided to go home to ice my ankles, read my book, and rest a little.  Two hours later...  I seriously felt like I'd been knocked out!  I woke up twice during my nap b/c of phone calls, but fell right back asleep each time.  I finally got to work and finished up the doc that's due today, but that meant I got home so late I didn't have time to make dinner really, as I'd planned to do.  Fortunately my sweet hubby reheated the leftover pasta that Anna and I had made for Sat night, and that was good.  I'm so glad next weekend is only 15 miles, I need some time to be productive on the wknds, though really we got a lot done on Sat.  There's still going to be a big list for next wknd though...

Anyway, I hesitate to give book recommendations in general, particularly when I haven't finished the book, but I'm reading a book now for book club called The Thirteenth Tale.  It's not my typical choice.  I usually prefer non-fiction, but this book is just pulling me in!  I'm only about halfway done, but I don't want it to end.  I told both my mom and my neighbor to read it, and so far others in book club who've finished it also seem to have loved it.

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